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Mother’s Day Presents For Pet Lovers

Mother’s Day is the perfect time for researching presents for cat lovers. And dog lovers too, of course. If you know someone who thinks of their pet as their kid, then buying them something to celebrate parenthood will always be appreciated. Maybe it’s time to make pet baby showers a thing?!

So with Mother’s Day approaching rapidly, here are some great presents for cat lovers, dog lovers, and animal lovers at large.

You can buy them any time of year, really. We also love the idea of using your present budget to buy mum something that supports animals in need. One great example is making a purchase at the HUHA ethical gift store.

If you’re a dog or cat lover, perhaps you can find a present for yourself too. After all, there’s nothing wrong with a little gift to you, from you…

A shirt for cat lovers

When you’re searching for presents for cat lovers and parents of other animals, personalisation is always a good idea. Any dedicated dog or cat owner will love the idea of a printed T-shirt you can completely personalise.

This shop by Etsy transforms your pet’s face or picture into a custom sketch – so you basically get a drawing/portrait and a t-shirt all in one. Plus we love the unique retro look a sketch gives to the t-shirt.

If you don’t think a sketch can accurately capture all the gorgeousness of a cat or dog, you can stick to t-shirts personalised with a photo, or even with their name, breed, and a slogan.

If you don’t fancy a personalised shirt – perhaps the cat or dog parent in question has faaarr too many animals to cover a custom item – then we have some off the shelf shirt suggestions too. Check out:

blue t shirt on white flat lay board with custom sketches of three dogs from etsy as a present
Image: ElyVinylCo on Etsy

Pet portraits

If you can’t picture the gift recipient falling in love with presents they can wear, even if they are ultra passionate about cats, then maybe something they can display would be better.

A lovely pet portrait is a definite spoil for dog and cat lovers. The best thing about it is that there are so many different art styles, sizes, and frames you can use. You can get something completely unique and beautiful that will fit into almost any style of design and décor.

Check out Gifterman, The Brooklyn or FE Pet Portraits for awesome pet portraits.

Not sure if the pet parent you had in mind has the right photo for a portrait? We’ve got that covered too…

picture of grey tabby cat hand drawn pet portrait which makes an amazing present for cat lovers

Cat or dog photoshoot

Nowadays, we can all take decent pet pictures with our smartphones. And it’s a lovely way to look back on the memories of a pet once they’re gone. Plus, we all love posting our photos to Instagram and Facebook – EVERYONE should know your pet is the cutest in the world.

A photoshoot from a proper pet photographer is a fantastic gift. With the help of some treats, costumes, and toys, you can get photos that really capture the essence of someone’s favourite animal. It’s the kind of gift people will cherish for years to come.

So whether you’re thinking of a Mother’s Day gift for cat lovers, dog lovers, or a new puppy or kitten parent, why not book them a photoshoot? Contact any of your local pet photographers to buy a voucher or book a shoot – you’ll be gifting a Mother’s Day present to remember and supporting local small business.

Win win.

close up of someone taking photo of black cat and grey cat through smart phone with woman cuddling the two cats

A present for cat, dog, and coffee lovers

Who doesn’t like a morning mug of tea or coffee along with a snuggle? One of the best presents for cat lovers who enjoy lazy mornings in bed with tea or who need a caffeine injection to start their day is a cute pet-themed mug.

A cute “I love my cat” mug might be just the ticket – or perhaps one with a sweet illustration or declaration of the love of their particular cat or dog breed? We also love this cat petting guide one from Etsy. Or of course, a custom mug with their favourite pet on it. It brings new meaning to sharing a coffee with your pet!

photo of custom present mug for cat and dog lovers

Image: Pawpillo on Etsy

Haven’t found the perfect gift just yet? It doesn’t have to be December for you to check out Christmas gift ideas for dogs and cats. They’ll work year-round.

The ultimate present: pet insurance

Want a gift that won’t be tossed, sat in a cupboard and ignored, or broken? The gift of cat insurance is one of the most thoughtful Mother’s Day presents you can give cat lovers and owners. Ditto with dog insurance for dog people.

Why not sign up someone’s fur child for pet insurance and pay for the premium? It’s a way to show your support and love for the pet, by providing peace of mind to a pet mum or dad.

Is there anything more appropriate for Mother’s Day than knowing your (fluffy) kid is protected if there’s a medical emergency? We don’t think so.

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