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14 Gift Ideas For Dogs and Cats This Christmas


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Thoughtful gifts for dogs and cats are an adorable way to celebrate your fur babies this Christmas! While stuck in (and out and in) of lockdown they’ve been the ones keeping us sane – and that deserves a massive spoil.

We’ve searched high and low to find all the best things you can stash under the tree for your favourite furballs. From toys and gourmet treats to elegant eating food stands and bowls, we’ve found it all.

Your guide to gifts for dogs and cats this Christmas

Whether you have cats, dogs or both there’s sure to be something here that they’ll love:

  • Swimming toys – floaty toy that also cleans and cares for your dog’s teeth
  • Doggy bed – thick, super comfy bed that works for indoors or outdoors
  • Cat scratcher – an elegant way to keep your furniture safe
  • Cat toy box set – because when has one ever been enough? Purrrfect
  • Huskimo jumper – imagine if warm and cute had a baby
  • New puppy gift basket – everything a good boy or girl needs
  • Cat collars – think jewellery, but for cats
  • Cat play circuit – all the fun of hunting without any downsides
  • Grooming brush – the summer shedding must-have
  • Pet food stands and bowls – add a little sophistication to your furry friend’s eating habits
  • Pet insurance – to keep your pawsome furball in good hands (and health)

Read below to find out more about each of these furtabulous gifts for dogs and cats for Christmas:

Swimming toys gift for dog

We’re all about playtime (check out our ideas for best puppy games to play), and this clever little swimming toy provides fun on land and in the water. It’s made from durable polyester and will clean your dog’s teeth while they play. Oh, and when you’re feeling generous (‘tis the season!) it can be filled with treats.

gifts for dogs include a chewy swimming toy

Comfy bed gifts for dogs – easy and effective

This ultra comfy doggo bed is suitable for both in- and outdoors, which makes it a perfect addition to any home. It prevents odours from clinging to it and can easily be washed. Water, oily liquids and dirt will simply drip off, and it’s also perfectly suited for dogs with skin problems.

Cat scratcher gift for cat

A must have for any kitty cat parent! This cat scratcher doubles as a jungle gym with multiple tiers for your furbaby to enjoy for hours on end. It even boasts a cave, which can be used as a great little safe space to hide, chill and catnap in.

white cat scratcher house

Box set gift for cat

What’s better than opening a Christmas present and finding a purrfect gift inside? How about finding seven purrfect gifts inside? The cat toy box set features seven toys and a wooden rod to dangle them from.

Each toy is different so you can keep your furball’s attention while you play and bond over the festive season. Speaking of, we think it might be a good time to try to engage with your cat in new meaningful ways, like learning to talk to your cat.

Huskimo jumper gift for dog

Even though it might be summer now, there’s something about opening a knitted sweater that just makes sense over Christmas. Hollywood just seems to have conditioned us this way. We think this huskimo jumper is simply gorgeous. Not only will it keep your doggo warm in the winter, but it also adds a fluffy layer of cuteness that just cannot be denied.

PS: Make sure to check out our guide on dog jackets and more to find some more great options for when the real chill sets in.

Basket gifts for dogs that are newbies

This puppy gift basket is a combination of “I don’t know what to get my doggo for Christmas” and “I want to get my bestie everything for Christmas”. It includes delicious snacks, plushies, chewable toys, bath time accessories and blankeys – there are so many adorable options to choose from.

Gifts for dogs include this hamper with toys and more

With all the excitement of becoming a pet parent, you don’t want to have to think about anything else, and you don’t have to. It’s all here in our nifty guide to puppy health care milestones to ensure they get the absolute best start in life.

Pretty collar gift for cat

Celebrate your cat’s independence (yes we mean an indoor cat, too) with a collar. These cat collars come in a wide range of colours and styles so you can give your kitty that cool new look that they can flaunt into the new year. 

pretty colourful cat collar with a bell

If you’re not already aware of the pros and cons of cat collars, specifically break-away collars, you can get all that information here to make sure you do right by your kitty.

Play circuit gift for cat

Cats are hunters, and if you’ve been a kitty cat parent for long enough you know this with the not-so-lovely gifts they’ll bring you in the form of whatever poor critter was wandering your garden. Give your furball the gift of a cat play circuit to appease their natural hunter habits.

This cool toy incorporates sight, sound and touch to appeal to their hunting instinct and it can be laid out in multiple configurations to keep it interesting.

play circuit stimulation toy for cat

Grooming brush as gifts for dogs or cats

The Furminator is a de-shedding tool for dogs and cats that helps reduce shedding by up to 90%. This also means a reduction in furballs for cats. It gently removes loose hair and undercoat and comes with a pretty neat “FURejector button” that cleans and removes loose hair from the tool.

Need more fur elimination tips? Read our article on how to remove pet fur from clothes and furniture.

fur removing brush is one of the best gifts for dogs

Feeding stands gift for cats or dogs

And now. Drum roll … for the prettiest gift of all!

We’re literally obsessed with these pet feeding stands that raise your pet’s food and water off the floor. I mean, just look at them! These turn what would normally be the messy corner of the kitchen where the pets’ bowls go into a stunning decor moment.

colourful dog and cat feeding bowls
colourful dog and cat feeding bowls - side on photo

Pet insurance – a gift for you all

We might be biased but we think the best Christmas gift for your pet is pet insurance.

Why, you ask? There’s plenty of Christmas dangers for pets and even all that aside, you never know what can happen. Accidents, illnesses, hospitalisations, surgeries, other vet treatments, medical tests and medicines can cost a small fortune.

Pet insurance helps cover these costs so you can enjoy the festivities with your pets, knowing you’re covered. Get a free quote now for some real festive season peace of mind.

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