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National Purebred Dog Day in NZ – Our Purebred Dog Heroes


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1st May, aka May Day or International Workers’ Day, is celebrated around the world. In some countries, it’s even a public holiday though not here in New Zealand, sadly. But did you know 1st May is also National Purebred Dog Day?

If ever there was a reason for a national holiday, we reckon this is it. Just hear us out – everyone takes the day off work and appreciates their dogs. Because you *HAVE* to. Maybe your HR manager won’t agree, but to us National Purebred Dog Day is more important.

So, lets find out a bit more about the day itself as well as some of the 224 breeds of purebred dogs registered with Dogs New Zealand that have stood by their humans throughout history.

When did National Purebred Dog Day start?

Taking the cake as one of the world’s biggest dog lovers is Susi Szeremy, a writer and the founder of National Purebred Dog Day. The occasion is meant to celebrate everything about purebred dogs and how they’ve helped humans and society not only survive, but thrive.

Think about how German Shepherds are vital to police work, how Saint Bernards helped rescue lost mountaineers, and how Border Collies are a crucial part of farming even today. Szeremy is who we have to thank for dedicating an entire day to our purebred pooches and the roles they play in our lives.

They’re our best friends, for sure. But they’re more than just that. Dogs are also our partners, our colleagues, and our fam-bam – and they do it all with a smile on their faces and a wag in their tails.

Meet Susi herself in this video of her (and her dogs, obviously!):

Purebred dogs we love

Ok, we love all dogs. Whether they’re purebred or mixed breed, a fancy designer breed or a rescued shelter pup with no known lineage. But certain breeds have been specially designed to make the lives of humans a little bit easier.

So for National Purebred Dog Day, we’re celebrating some of the coolest purebred dogs and the role they’ve played in shaping society as we know it.

Labrador Retriever

The Labrador Retriever is one of the most popular dogs, world-over. It’s not hard to see why, thanks to their intelligence, kindness, and good looks. They’re particularly prized for their work as assistance dogs, therapy dogs, and emotional support animals.

Assistance dogs are accredited dogs that have public access rights because they help people living with disabilities to function better in daily life.

This includes leading people who are blind, communicating for people who are deaf, doing tasks for people with paralysis and much more. Read about therapy animals and the physical benefits of having a dog here.

man pulling things out of labrador's mouth because dog is choking

Border Collie

The Border Collie is New Zealand’s second most popular dog (after the Labrador!). They’re particularly well-loved here because they’re just so…well…useful. And loving. And clever.

The Border Collie has incredible stamina and sharp intellect – they’re bred to help farmers herd cattle and livestock, and they can do it for hours at a time without slowing down. To this day Border Collies are still used in farming, despite the huge advancements in agricultural technology. Sometimes, you just can’t beat a dog!

And we won’t lie, we think Collies are worth celebrating this National Purebred Dog Day not only because of the way they help farmers, but because of their overall generous natures. And look at those eyes…

front shot of purebred border collie dog face

Saint Bernard

Everybody knows St Bernard dogs as gentle fluffy giants. And that they are. But due to their strength, stamina, and genuine nature, they’re also incredible rescue dogs.

In the Swiss Alps, where the Saint Bernard originates, hikers and travellers often used to get lost or trapped in the snow. St Bernards were bred to locate lost people in the snow, pull them to safety through challenging terrain, and even bark for help if they couldn’t reach a stranded mountaineer.

Purebred Saint Bernard dog lying on grass with tongue out - close up shot of face and nose

German Shepherd

How could we leave the German Shepherd off the list this National Purebred Dog Day?  

These loyal, intelligent dogs are well-regarded for their work with police and armed forces across the world. On top of high trainability, they have a great sense of smell.

As a result, they often work as sniffer dogs to detect drugs and illegal substances. But that same sense of smell helps them be excellent search and rescue dogs too. That’s why you’ll often see them helping to rescue survivors after an earthquake or fire. Plus, they’re fantastic guard dogs as long as they’re well trained.

german shepherd dog lying in front of wooden field fencing

National Purebred Dog Day heroes

Of course, not all dogs have to be working dogs to be valuable. Sometimes we think Dachshunds were bred solely to keep people’s laps warm! Then there’s loyal little Scottie and Jack Russell companions, and of course the Great Dane – bred to make you laugh at their ridiculous antics.  

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