Animated cats like Meow the Pet Cat and Tabby Cat Chrome extension bring virtual cats to your desktop

7 Google Chrome Cats and Dogs That Live on Your Screen


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You’ve probably heard all about cats sitting on laptops… But have you heard about cats and dogs that live on your computer browser? Meow The Cat Pet and Tabby Cat are just a few of the many Chrome extensions that add a virtual cat or dog to your screen. Cursor cat will even chase your mouse as you browse.

Talk about keeping good company!

In this article, PD shares how these gorgeous computer pets can help make your screen time more entertaining and more productive. Find out what you can choose and where for added purrr-pose!

Virtual pets like Meow the Cat Pet can play on your browser and keep you company

Why use virtual pets to keep you company

So you adore dogs and cats. Maybe you have your own inner crazy cat lady or lad. Even so, why would you need a virtual pet? We can think of at least four reasons…

  • No pets. For whatever reason, be it time, money or rental regulations, you can’t have your own pet.
  • No pets at work. You have one at home but you can’t bring it to work with you, so you have a stand in virtual pet
  • Entertainment. Meow the Cat Pet and other free extensions are super cute!
  • Learning. You might simply want to let your kids have their own virtual pet so they start learning about having a real one

Whatever the case, virtual cat extensions are free, easy to add to your browser and provide sparkle to your day.

1. How does Meow the Cat Pet work?

Meow the Cat Pet can help fulfil your cat-shaped hole while you’re at your computer. While you browse this virtual cat will hang out on-screen and play with you. Like real pets, Meow needs feeding, playing and patting.

Meow can also help you by reminding you to stay hydrated, blink or sit straight to keep you healthy at your desk. Of course, nothing can compete with the real thing, so in addition to Meow the onscreen Cat Pet, read about what to know when you’re ready to adopt a cat.

Find out more about Meow the Pet Cat, here. Then watch this video to see how you set up this virtual cat:

2. What does the Tabby Cat Chrome extension do?

Tabby Cat is another Chrome extension. Unlike Meow, who doesn’t open in every new tab, the Tabby Cat Chrome extension gives you new cats in every tab. Each cat has a different name and pawsonality. Speaking of which, do you know what cat breed is most like you?

With the Tabby Cat Chrome browser, expect cats like Thirsty Freckles, Rainy Chubchub, Professor Burp and many more to make your screen time ameowzing.

Tabby Cats Chrome browser also gives you doggy options. So if you’re more of a dog person or a bit of both, you have a world of options – did we mention penguins, pigs, rabbits and more!? Just like Meow the Cat Pet, Tabby Cats (or dogs) will play with you and even leave you onscreen treats.

Find out more about the Tabby Cat Chrome extension, here.

3. What does Cursor Cat do?

Cursor Cat is a virtual cat that chases your mouse wherever it goes. Now that’s dedication. Not to mention a good game of cat and mouse. This virtual cat also comes in several options like Tabby, Punky and even Maneki Neko.

Cursor Cat has changing expressions as it chases after your mouse. Not sure what this looks like? Check out this video to see the virtual cat in action:

4. A productivity pet you feed by working

What’s in a name? Well, your productivity pet is just what it sounds like. It’s a virtual pet you look after by completing your to-do lists and staying off websites that prevent you from doing work.

Like Meow the Cat Pet, this virtual cat or dog also needs feeding, only you earn the money to buy their food by completing your to-do list! Productivity pet also features work and break timers to help you regulate your schedule.

Get your virtual productivity pet here.

Cat puts paw on keyboard

5. Kitty keys, a pet cat that goes meow as you type

Kitty keys is a Chrome extension that allows certain keys on to make meowing sounds as you type. You can mute and unmute kitty keys as needed.

Not everyone wants to have their virtual cat chatting when they’re planning a presentation but if you’re browsing the web the odd meow might just make your day that much more fur-tastic.

Find out more about kitty keys here.

6. Virtual Pets Google Chrome

Choose between more serious virtual pet ownership and less serious pet-tainment. Virtual Pets Google Chrome™ is all about learning to have a real pet. Your virtual cat or dog needs walking, feeding, poop scooping and exercise. (Speaking of the latter, read everything you need to know about puppy poop etiquette.)

If you’re all in for a virtual pet that doesn’t need quite as much TLC, then Pets Chrome is a cute and quirky option. You can switch between different pets throughout the day, each with their own cat or dog personality.

7. Adopt a screen dog

Dog lovers who can’t take dogs to work will love adopting a happy dog. As the happy dog website says:

“Feed it, pet it, play with it, and take it out for a walk or poop anywhere on the internet.

Now we’ve heard everything.

Happy dog lives on your browser and you can play with, talk to and take care of it. This virtual pet can be your pet, or you can share it with friends or even with your office team. Find out more about how here and watch this video for a sneak preview:

More virtual pets and services

Meow the Cat Pet, Cursor Cat and Tabby Cat are ways to brighten your Chrome browsing experience. But these aren’t the only virtual pets. Have you tried out 3D Google animals that can walk, bark and meow in your home environment?

These virtual pets take the notion of ‘try before you buy’ to the next level.

Another virtual pet option is virtual vet consultations. While you might still need to take your pet to see the vet, a virtual visit might help decide the best course of action.

woman high fives her Husky

Protecting pet cats and dogs, fur realsy

Now that you’ve got the rundown on virtual pets like Meow the Cat Pet, maybe you’re ready for the real thing?

If so, read about finding an ethical breeder for cats or an ethical dog breeder. Or, if you’re considering rehoming a shelter pet, then read our dog adoption checklist, cat adoption checklist and guide to bringing home an adopted dog.

Because real pets can get into all sorts of pickles and scrapes, be sure to give them a soft landing with pet insurance. Get award winning cover with PD Pet Insurance. Choose between three cat or dog plans and potentially get a multi-pet discount for two or more pets.

Plus, buy online and you can get one or more months of FREE pet insurance!

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