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What Cat Breed Is Most Like You?


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If you were a cat, what cat breed would you be? Are you a talkative people-person who loves the spotlight, a shy but sweet companion, or a loyal friend who’s ready to take a bullet for the people they love?

You probably know your star sign, and might even consider yourself a specific personality type. But let’s figure out what cat breed you would be too. Who knows, maybe you even match your favourite cat.

What cat breed is your feline twin?

Firstly, The International Cat Association (TICA) says that there are 71 cat breeds in total. Wow!

Now, the thought of 71 different kitty type personalities is a bit overwhelming. And, like people, a lot of cat breeds share some similar traits. That is, they fall into fairly broad categories over all.  

So we’re going with five popular breeds to discover what cat breed you are, based on their personality traits, physical features, favourite things, and cute cat personality quirks.

Which one best matches your personality?

1. Siamese cat

If you’re ballerina-like in build, and love to chat with friends, maybe you’d be a Siamese cat?

  • Body type: Petite and elegant
  • Personality: Thoughtful, engaging, and composed
  • Sociability level: High! The more people, the merrier
  • Loves: Talking and being in the limelight
  • Hates: Time alone
  • Health: Fussy eaters who can be prone to food allergies
siamese cat lying down on white slatted table

2. Bengal cat

Maybe you’re Bengal cat? With their piercing eyes and boldly patterned coats, there’s something enticing and wild about these beauties.

  • Body type: Athletic (like a panther!)
  • Personality: Playful, bold, and adventurous
  • Sociability level: Medium. You like people, but like doing your own thing too
  • Loves: Taking part in new adventures, especially if they involve swimming
  • Hates: Being bored
  • Health: Prone to eye problems
bengal cat walking

3. Maine Coon cat

Gentle giant who loves having a job to do? Then what cat breed is a better fit for you than a Maine Coon?

  • Body type: Big and strong! Think powerlifter or bodybuilder
  • Attitude: Laid back, confident, and extroverted
  • Sociability level: High. Gets along with everyone, no matter their background.
  • Loves: Learning new things and playing all day
  • Hates: Not much – they just “go with the flow”
  • Health: Keep an eye out for heart problems and hip dysplasia
Tabby maine coon lying down yawning

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4. Ragdoll cat

Are you the calm, relaxed friend who loves a good spa day with your circle? Then you’re a ragdoll!

  • Body type: Tall, muscular, and lean
  • Personality type: Calm, sociable, and consistent
  • Sociability level: Devoted to their “tribe” of people and animals
  • Loves: Being cuddled, pampered, and cared for
  • Hates: Being ignored
  • Health: Keep on top of that dental hygiene so you avoid gum diseases
ragdoll cat looking at toy

5. Burmese cat

Which cat breed is sometimes called the ‘dog-cat?’ Burmese cats are kind of like puppies because they’re adorable, friendly, and just a tiiiiny bit needy.

  • Body type: Small but stocky
  • Personality type: Brave and friendly
  • Sociability level: High. They’re loyal and attentive, but can be demanding when it comes to attention and engagement.
  • Loves: Being greeted at the door and treated like the best friend they are. And playing fetch.
  • Hates: Missing out on social activity
  • Health: Be aware of possible respiratory problems

If you’re a fan of the saying “you’re only as old as you feel”, then the Burmese cat might just be your spirit animal. Read more about this charming cat breed in this ‘Meet the Young at Heart and Super-Smart Burmese Cat‘ article.

burmese sitting under scratching post

What other cat breed might you be?

This only covers five of the 71 possible cat breeds. So if you’d like to find out more about what cat is most like you, or you’re thinking of adopting a cat, we’ve got plenty of resources.

Read more the friendliest cat breeds and our guide to purebred cats. And maybe you’ll find out what cat breed is purr-fect for you during your reading.

And if you need a little more convincing before you take the plunge, start by following these five cat Instagram accounts.

What types of cat breed should have insurance?

All of them! Some breeds are more prone to certain illnesses or conditions than others, but any cat can have an injury or illness unexpectedly. To protect all of those precious nine lives, choose an appropriate cat insurance plan.

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