Friendliest cat breeds to welcome to your household

Friendliest Cat Breeds to Welcome to Your Household

Are you prepping to welcome a new kitten into your heart and home for the first time? Or you want to get an affectionate purr-ball for your kids as the newest addition to your family? For a match made in heaven, look no further. Get to know the friendliest cat breeds by stepping right this way.

PS: not to worry if your cat is not listed here. There are 71 different cat breeds all told. We will simply have to get round to writing about more of them soon… Maybe we’ll start a series!  In the meantime, here are some of the friendliest cat breeds you might like to get to know…

#1 – Ragdoll is one of the friendliest cat breeds

The Ragdoll delights in being held like a baby and flopping in your arms. Placid and playful, she will happily follow you around the house and snuggle under covers anytime. She has superb manners and will greet you at the door. She’s easy to train and can even learn even to play fetch.

Ragdoll kittens are born with a snowy white coat and then begin to develop colour points on their legs, tails, ears and face from eight weeks old.

They come in these distinct patterns:

  • Colourpoint – similar to Siamese cats, a single colour deepens on the nose, ears, tail and paws.
  • Mitted – white paws and abdomen with deepening colour point on nose, ears, tail and ankles. A white stripe along the belly to the chin and sometimes a white line or spot on the face.
  • Bicolour – white abdomen, legs and inverted V on the face.
  • Blue Point – a blue point’s chest and tummy are a blue grey, with slightly darker points of the same colour.

An interesting fact is that Ragdolls like to sit at eye level with their people or stay on the ground. They prefer not to sit higher than you.

In 2020, The Cat Fanciers’ Association voted the Ragdoll the most popular cat! She’s one of the friendliest cat breeds and most popular cat breeds. What more could a gal ask for.

#2 – Scottish Fold 

The Scottish Fold has straight ears when he’s born. At about three weeks his ears may (or may not fold). Usually, half of any litter will grow into having folded ears, which are very sought after for cat exhibitions! His eyes are unusually large and round for a cat and he is playful, loving and tender.

He’s known for having super sweet quirks including sitting up just like his pet parent or eating with his paws. He loves children and will happily connect with other pets. He’ll learn to play fetch and lie in your lap whenever the chance arises.

Folds can have long hair or short hair in all varietals of colours and combinations. This includes spots, stripes, tortoiseshell and calico.

#3 – Abyssinian

If you’re keen on finding an Egyptian name for your cat, the Abyssinian has looks to match. Aby’s eyes are green-gold, and her short fawn-like fur comes in shades of cinnamon or blue.

She’s sporty, attentive and playful. She’s more the kind to walk the neighbourhood on a leash than sit idly on your lap watching TV. Note to Sporty Spice types who want a fitness partner – this is the feline for you!

Aby is a great playmate for kids and she needs to spend time outdoors; preferable with some tall trees/high perches. She’s one to get sad and lonely when you’re not home and may get pet separation anxiety. So, if you’re a two-cat kind-a-gal, work from home or a total homebody, she’s for you. Here’s your chance to get the multiple pet discount more than one pet on your pet insurance policy.

Aby’s origins can be traced to the Nile Valley of Ethiopia – which at the time was known as Abyssinia.

Abyssinian cat is a loving and active cat breed

Cat breeds and their personalities

Here are five more of the friendliest, loving and loyal cats for pet parents and pet families.

  • British Short Hair
  • Siamese
  • Persian
  • Calico
  • Maine Coon

Read more about about these cat breeds and their personalities.

What factors influence cat personality?

Purebred cats are bred for specific qualities, such as their looks or temperament. But even a cat that’s not a pure breed can be the sweetest, most attentive feline you know. It all comes down to that special connection between you and mittens and how well you cater to their needs. Find out 10 ways to pamper your cat here.

Whether you’re looking for a purebred or mixed breed cat, consider adoption through a shelter like HUHA. HUHA rehomes cats and kittens, so age shouldn’t be an issue either.

Health issues with purebred cats

Purebred cats (and dogs) tend to have more health issues than mixed breeds. This is because of the lack of diversity in their gene pool as a result of inbreeding.

Research your breed’s health needs before you bring them home and ensure that you have a good cat insurance plan. This way you can safeguard your new family member with a better quality of life.

Friendliest cat breeds – over to you

Purebred or otherwise, many cats’ personalities come down to the kittenhood they experience with their pet parent. We’d love to see your favourite snapshots of your cat doing its thing. Post a pic via our Facebook page of some cat affection/antics bravery or otherwise.

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