Friendliest cat breeds to welcome to your household

Friendliest Cat Breeds to Welcome Home


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Are you hoping to welcome one of the friendliest cat breeds (like the Scottish Fold?) into your heart and home? Then look no further; Google has sent you to the right place. That’s because we’ve listed the friendliest felines around and given you a rundown of their personality.

We’ve also listed the friendliest cat breeds that people call ‘ugly’, and the most hypoallergenic breeds as well as famous and hairless cat breeds.

PS: not to worry if your cat is not listed here, that’s just because there are 71 different cat breeds, and they won’t all fit on one page. So, get to know the friendliest cat breeds, starting with the biggest…

Friendliest big cat

Holding the top dog spot on the list of biggest friendliest cat breeds, you guessed it: the Maine Coon. Affectionately known as the gentle giant, the Maine Coon is more than just a cat… it’s got a dog side too! This may sound kooky, but we kid you not – Maine Coons are known for playing ball and doing all sorts of intelligent tricks.

Unusually for a purebred cat, the Maine Coon developed through a process of natural selection rather than intentional breeding. Nowadays the MC is bred, but they’ll always have a pretty unique provenance!

Because this great and friendly cat loves everyone, from cats to dogs, to kids and grownups, we’ve done a special feature article on them. So after you read this article, tuck into the Maine Coon cat special.

Check out this video of a Maine Coon swimming with its owner:

Next on the friendliest cat breeds list is the Ragdoll. This cute doll-like cat loves lounging in your arms like a baby. And true to its name, loves flopping around. Ragdolls are placid and playful. They love following you around the house and snuggling under covers together.

They’re the ultimate BFF, always by your side and ready to extend a purrfect paw. Ragdolls also happen to have superb manners. For example, they’re sure to greet you at the door when you get back home from being out and about.

Ragdolls love sitting at eye level with their people or staying on the ground. They prefer not to sit higher than you. In 2020, The Cat Fanciers’ Association voted the Ragdoll the most popular cat! She’s one of the friendliest cat breeds and most popular cat breeds. What more could a gal ask for.

Just like Siamese cats, Ragdoll kittens are born with a snowy white coat. They only begin developing colour points on their legs, tails, ears and face from eight weeks old. Read our article on how Siamese Kittens change colour to find out about colour points. (Hint: they have a heat sensitive colour-changing enzyme)!

This friendly cat breed comes in these distinct patterns:

Colour point Like Siamese cats, a single colour deepens on the nose, ears, tail and paws.
MittedWhite paws and abdomen with deepening colour point on nose, ears, tail and ankles. A white stripe along the belly to the chin and sometimes a white line or spot on the face.
Bicolour white abdomen, legs and inverted V on the face.
Blue PointA blue point’s chest and tummy are a blue grey, with slightly darker points of the same colour.

Check out this video of a group of Ragdolls playing in cardboard boxes:

Psst … Is reading about these kitty personalities making you wonder which cat (or dog) YOU may be in your very soul? Find out what pet you are and share it with your friends – click here:

Scottish Fold, a superbly friendly cat breed

Scottish Folds are some of the friendliest cat breeds around, and they also have their very own unique style. That’s because unlike most felines, their ears fold forward – hence the name Scottish Fold. These friendly cats have straight ears when they’re born, but at around three weeks they fold!

Not all Scottish Fold kittens’ ears will fold. It’s usually a 50/50 chance with more or less half of every litter growing ‘fold status’. Those cats whose ears do fold are highly sought out for cat shows!

Added to this friendly cat breeds cute but quirky looks, Scottish Folds also have unusually large and relatively rounded eyes. So the term ‘cats eyes’ is a bit of an anomaly for this feline friend. Folds can have long hair or short hair in all varietals of colours and combinations. This includes spots, stripes, tortoiseshell and calico.

Scottish Folds are known for being playful, loving and tender – they’ll take any chance to lie on your lap. They also happen to have super sweet quirks. Like for example, sitting up straight, just like humans! Or eating with their paws. Awwwwwe!

As friendly cat breeds go, Scottish Folds get on wonderfully with everyone, from pets to people. And like Maine Coons and Ragdolls, this cat will also play fetch.

Abyssinian, princess of the friendly cat breeds

Are you keen on finding an Egyptian name for your cat – then Abyssinian has looks to match. For example, Aby’s eyes are green-gold, and her short fawn-like fur comes in shades of cinnamon or blue. In fact, you could call her the Princess Jasmine of friendly cat breeds.

Not only does she have the looks, but Aby is sporty, attentive and playful too. For instance, she’s the type who’s likely to enjoy walks around the neighbourhood on a leash with you. If you like this idea, then read about training a cat to walk on a lead. (Note to Sporty Spice types who want a fitness partner – this is the feline for you!).

She’s one to get sad and lonely when you’re not home and can easily get pet separation anxiety. So, if you’re a two-cat kind-a-person, home office worker or a total homebody, she’s for you.

This friendly feline is a great playmate for kids. With her fitness regime, she both loves and needs to spend time outdoors; preferably with some tall trees/high perches.

Aby’s origins can be traced to the Nile Valley of Ethiopia – which at the time was known as Abyssinia.

This Abyssinian cat, like the Scottish Fold, is one of the friendliest cat breeds around.

More of the friendliest cat breeds

Of course, the friendliest cat in the world, is the one who loves you, and who you love. Nothing beats a purrfect petship. And because there are simply so many cats in Kiwi pet shelters (purebred and mixed breed) waiting to become your bestie, find out if you’re ready to adopt a cat, and read about adopting an adult cat too.

And because we couldn’t fit all the friendly cat breeds (there are simply too many!) on one page, read about more friendly cat breeds and their personalities and find out what cat breed is most like you.

Here are more of the friendliest felines to love and care for (with a good pet insurance pawlicy):

Siamese CatThe talker, who cat chat tirelessly all day
Ugliest cat breedsWe don’t actually think they’re ugly (just quirky looking)
Hypoallergenic cat breedsCats that cause the fewest sneezes and itches, oh yeah!
Hairless cat breedsUltimate indoor cats who can easily sunburn
Famous cats Just for fun!

And if you’re a cat fan all the way, here’s some cat movie viewing for you and your feline. More into books? Then here’s your holiday reading list for animal lovers.

Not sure what breed of cat yours is, then read ‘What breed is my cat?’

What factors influence cat personality?

Purebred cats are bred for specific qualities, such as their looks or temperament. But even a cat that’s not a pure breed can be the sweetest, most attentive feline you know. It all comes down to that special connection between you and mittens and how well you cater to their needs. Find out 10 ways to pamper your cat here.

Health issues with purebred cats

Purebred cats (and dogs) tend to have more health issues than mixed breeds. This is because of the lack of diversity in their gene pool as a result of inbreeding.

Research your breed’s health needs before you bring them home and ensure that you have a good cat insurance plan. This way you can safeguard your new family member with a better quality of life.

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