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Do Kittens Need Pet Insurance?


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When you think of cat insurance, you may wonder if it’s necessary for a brand new, healthy kitten. After all, what health complications could a kitten possibly have? Is kitten health insurance really necessary? With National Cat Health Month having just passed by, we’re explaining 6 simple reasons to get kitten health insurance:

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The earlier you get it, the better

This is a correct statement for a number of reasons…

1.Pre-existing conditions more likely as cats age

At the time of writing, all NZ pet insurance policies exclude coverage for pre-existing conditions. This means that any illnesses or injuries that occur before to the start of your insurance policy will not be covered. By getting insurance while your kitten is still young, you can ensure they’re covered for any claimable future health issues that may arise. Read about pre-existing condition and pet insurance to find out more.

In summary, baby pets are still fresh and new, so they generally have a clean slate with their bill of health. Getting kitten insurance while they’re still kiddos gets you wider coverage – it’ll cover new health issues that arise over time.

So, the policy you purchase early can better support your kitten over their lifetime. It extends across more of their possible future needs.

2. Youth based discounts abound

Some insurance providers may even offer a certain period of free insurance cover for cats under a certain age. That’s definitely something you’ll want to take advantage of.

Furthermore, pet insurance companies use age and health status to determine premiums, among other factors. You’ll be paying less for the same breadth of cover for a kitten than a cat that’s a teen or older.

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3. Your choice of kitten health insurance plan

If you try to take up cat insurance when yours is heading into its senior years you’ll only be able to get accident-only insurance rather than accident+illness+potentially more.

\Why? Because illnesses are MUCH more likely to happen as pets age and it gets to a point where insuring your pet will become too expensive for the insurer to justify. Getting in early will prevent this.

Check out our three cat insurance policies to find out which conditions and treatments are covered and how they differ:

  1. Accident plan (most affordable)
  2. Classic plan (most value)
  3. Deluxe plan (most comprehensive)

4. Waiting periods begin ASAP

When you take out cat insurance from the early days you’re already straight into eating up those waiting periods.

Getting kitten health insurance as early as possible means waiting periods for hereditary conditions and other ailments could easily be well in the past by the time you need to claim on them. You’ll be setting your cat up from the beginning for accessible cover when they need it.

Why not get started while your new floof is still housebound much of the time, awaiting vaccinations, strengthening its bones, doing cat litter box training, and so on?

a kitten on a blanket. be sure to protect your young cat with kitten health insurance

5. Kittens aren’t immune to injury

You may be under the impression that only old cats get the types of ‘expensive’ injuries and illnesses that require health insurance. That isn’t so. Unfortunately, kittens aren’t immune to some of the most common illnesses or accidents that befall cats.

The truth is, accidents and illness can happen to your cat at any age.

PD’s top insurance claims in 2021 for cats included infections (from respiratory tract to bladder to nail bed), bite wounds (usually from other cats), and injuries from things like cars or falling. These types of maladies can affect cats of ANY age, not just old cats.

6. Kitten health insurance for peace of mind

It’s obvious that ensuring your fur kid has comprehensive kitten health insurance gives you the comfort of knowing you’ll have financial support to soften the blow of unexpected vet bills. Right from the start of their life.

What’s a better gift for you and your kitten in the wake of National Cat Health Month than knowing they’re covered? In fact, a lot of vets recommend cat insurance. See why below:

A Russian Blue was feeling blue

If you’re still not convinced about kitten health insurance, take the case of Steve the Russian Blue kitten. Steve’s trademark is his urge to explore and discover new things. When his cat dad Richard opens any door, whether it’s a door to another room or a cupboard, he can count on Steve to come investigate its contents.

Until one day when Steve suddenly stopped eating, playing or wanting to leave his cat bed. He was only seven months old. And given his usual happy, healthy disposition, Richard immediately took him to the vet. They found out that he had immune-mediated polyarthritis, which is similar to rheumatoid arthritis in humans.

His vet bills came up to nearly $4,000! Richard says that the significant financial outlay for repeat visits to the vet and animal hospital could have been really crippling. Luckily, he had kitten health insurance to offer a soft landing. With some good medical care, Steve was soon back to his happy, curious self.

Expensive kitten health situations come through our claims team all the time.

Steve the Russian Blue cat sits in a basket

Be sure to check out our useful resources for more insights on cat insurance:

Also read these seven top tips on how to be the paw-fect pet parent.

Value-rich kitten health insurance

The best thing you can do to recognise National Cat Health Month as every month is make sure you kitten is properly covered in the case on an accident, illness or other health issue. We’re offering one or more months of free cat insurance, depending on the age of your cat, when you sign up with us online.

Depending on the type of PD Insurance customer policy you choose, your insurance could provide cover for treatment after accidents and for illnesses, hospitalisation, dental, third party property damage and more. Meaning you have financial protection in place for all kinds of kitten medical situations.

Click below to start today.

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