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Why You Should Think Twice Before Gifting a Kitten for Christmas


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Thanks to the movies, some of us may think there’d be nothing cuter than gifting someone a kitten. Just imagine the surprise as the purring ball of fluff appears with a big red bow around its neck. No wonder so many people search ‘Christmas kittens for sale’ online around this time every year. But have you considered that it could end up an unwanted kitten?

There are many reasons why bestowing pets as Christmas gifts is a bad idea.

First of all – not everyone may share your love and enthusiasm for felines. Not only will this make it an awkward gifting moment, but it’s not fair on the fur ball stuck in the middle. Here’s why you should think twice before gifting someone a kitten, or any pet for that matter.

Christmas kittens for sale

#1 Their lifestyle may not be pet friendly

Kittens look adorable and hassle-free when they’re softly sleeping on the couch – but they require a lot of work, especially in the beginning. Though from the outside it may look like your intended giftee has the perfect set-up for a cat, this may not be the case.

Perhaps they don’t have enough room for a cat. Or perhaps their home isn’t safe enough for one. Perhaps they’re out of the house far more than you think they are. Kittens can’t be left home alone for more than a few hours on end. Though adult cats can certainly be left alone for longer periods than dogs, there are still time limits to leaving a cat home alone.

Ask yourself whether the person you intend to give this Christmas kitten for sale to is home enough. What happens when they go on a holiday or a business trip?

You may be burdening them more than anything else, which could easily put them in the difficult position of giving up this unwanted kitten.

white cat looking up. Think twice before opting for Christmas kittens for sale

#2 Pets aren’t objects

Unlike a bottle of perfume or a pair of shoes, pets aren’t inanimate objects. There will always be Christmas kittens for sale, but they shouldn’t be seen simply as presents.

Cats and kittens are sentient beings with their own personalities and innate value. Part of being an animal lover and pet parent is seeing them as such. You need to consider whether the gift recipient can give this kitten the shelter, attention and care they need for a happy life.

Can they afford it, both financially and emotionally?

Gifting an animal, especially as a surprise, puts them at risk of going to a home where they’re unwanted. Unlike a bad pair of socks, an unwanted kitten can’t be left in a drawer or simply tossed out. Pets ordinarily live long lives and are a huge commitment – will this person truly be able to provide them with a forever home?

cat looks intelligently at its pet parent.Think twice before opting for christmas kittens for sale

#3 Christmas kittens for sale – is it bad timing?

Another reason to stop searching the internet for Christmas kittens for sale is that gifting someone a pet over the holidays is really bad timing! The holiday period is already a busy one, with family time and trying to squeeze a vacation in being top of the list. Adding an unwanted kitten to the mix might be more of a burden than anything else.

Other concerns

Here are some other questions to ask before you gift someone a kitten:

  • Are they allergic to cats or dogs? What about others in their family? If so, will they be willing to constantly take medication to deal with these allergies?
  • Do they already have a dog or a cat? Are you sure these pets will get along with a new addition to the home?
  • Can they handle the financial burden? Pets cost money; food, equipment and vet bills add up over time. Some pets are accident prone, some have hereditary illnesses and some have conditions like dog and cat allergies that can cost a bomb throughout a lifetime. Are you sure the person you have in mind will be able to afford these extra costs?
  • They may like the kitten, but will they like the cat? Kittens certainly are cute, but some may find them less so when they grow into adult cats. Will this person be as enamoured with a fully grown cat as they are with a kitten?
Burmilla kitten lies on it's pet parent's lap. Think twice before opting for christmas kittens for sale

The alternative to Christmas kittens for sale

Luckily, there are plenty of great alternatives to a kitten when it comes to gifting. If the giftee is an animal lover and already owns a pet, you can shop these awesome cat toys for Christmas, or how about these gifts for dog and cat lovers?

If they’re not already a pet parent, why not gift them a voucher for an animal shelter. That way they can decide whether it’s best to adopt from the many surrendered pets wanting love or simply donate the voucher back. Or, perhaps you could take them for a visit to a cat or dog foster organisation. They might find a fur kid they can’t resist.

Or maybe simply go down the path of searching Christmas gift guides that have nothing to do with animals? Check out these guides from some well-known NZ businesses:

Got an unwanted kitten as a gift? Take the steps in our ‘can’t keep a pet you got for Christmas‘ article to ensure you do what’s best for you both.

The best gift you can give

Every kitten deserves a chance at success. Instead of giving someone one of the many Christmas kittens for sale, if they’re already a pet owner why not give them the gift of pet insurance?

PD Insurance offers financial cover for medical care for accidents, illnesses, infections, allergies, dental issues and so much more. Gifting an insurance safeguard can bring huge relief all year around.  

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