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Pampered Pets and How To Spoil Them

With much of the country (and world) spending more time holed up at home, we’re enjoying increased time with our furry companions. It’s natural these newly pampered pets are getting treated to all kinds of spoils, loving that ‘the humans’ are mostly WFH and spending less time away from them.

And that’s part of what we love about pet ownership – strengthening this relationship is one big silver lining of the global pandemic. So we think pet pampering should be a permanent thing!

Here’s how to keep those spoils coming for your best (furry) friend.

Have a “pampered pet” day

Us humans might take a spa day or even just a Netflix binge day (if you don’t have young kids, of course) occasionally to feel relaxed and special. But have you ever thought about a day dedicated to pampering your pet? It’s a fun way to bond with your pet and ensure they get enough love and attention.

What you choose to do on your special day is up to you, but you might like to try out one (or more…or all!) of these activities until you find a couple that your dog, cat, or other pet really loves:

  1. Breakfast. Nothing better than a lazy brunch, right? Cook up some homemade cat treats, prepare a breakfast you and your can share, or splurge on a gourmet pet food for the day.
  2. Outings. A walk in the park, a trip to a pet-friendly café, or a play on the beach can all be a real spoil for pampered pets who love the great outdoors.
  3. A holiday. Who doesn’t need a break from the daily grind? Take your pet along on a holiday roadtrip or find a pet-friendly hotel for a change of scenery.
  4. Grooming. Take your pet for a bit of a salon day with a bath and blow dry, a trim, or a complete makeover. You could even do it yourself at home.
  5. Presents. Presents definitely mean spoiling is underway. Get some inspiration from these ethical gifts for your pets.
  6. Pet TV. What did we say about Netflix earlier on? Perhaps your pet would enjoy a couch, snacks, and chill day too.

So there’s your summary of fun things to do to spoil your pet. Let’s look at them in a little more detail.

pampered tabby kitten lying in fluffy bed

1. The ultimate pampered pet breakfast

Whether you choose to stay home for breakfast or head out to a local café, we think there might just be some truth to the saying “breakfast is the most important meal of the day.”

Opt for a pet-friendly café which serves an animal-friendly menu if you’re not in lockdown. Or put your culinary skills to the test and try one of these recipes you can share with both dogs and cats.

You could even take a packed lunch or breakfast along to their favourite spot in town. Just remember to bring some water and poop bags too.

2. Outings with your pets

If getting out of the house – when allowed – is definitely more your thing, maybe your pet would enjoy joining you for a bite to eat at one of the MANY pet-friendly cafes and restaurants in New Zealand.

But it doesn’t have to stop there. You could bring your pet along on visits to the local park, beach, or even on visits to friends and family if they don’t mind (again, once we’re allowed). Variety is the spice of life, after all.

3. Pampered pets go on holidays

Sometimes you just want to pack up and escape for a bit. And what better company than your furry bestie for a trip away? Read up on flying with pets before you take to the skies… unless that’s more of a fantasy right now.

Whether you’re travelling by road or air, make sure to research some pet-friendly hotels ahead of time. You don’t want to get stuck without a place to stay!

If you’re more of a roadtrip person than a flying person, here are some more useful resources:

But remember, pet holidays don’t necessarily have to include the parent. Consider booking your pet into some luxury holiday care like a cattery or kennel if you don’t think travelling around with you is their idea of fun. Maybe they’ll enjoy the break!

But not too much. Obviously.

pampered pet toy pom at dog groomer

4. Spa day!

Depending on what breed of dog or cat you have, a spa day could be one of many things that is as useful for you as their parent as it is a treat for them.

Short haired dogs and cats might need nothing more than a bath. Some of them don’t even need their nails clipped. Whereas more…ahem…high maintenance pets could require full-on styling, complete with trims, manicures, and shaping. Luxe!

But whatever level of grooming your pet needs, make sure it’s a pleasant experience for them. You want your pet to enjoy being groomed and look forward to it. So take your time when choosing a groomer (or when embarking on a salon day at home) and make sure your pet is comfortable every step of the way.

Not only because it keeps those pampered pets looking Instagram-ready, but because there’s nothing better than cuddling up to silky-soft fur.  Once your pet has been freshly groomed, you won’t have to worry about muddy paws on the bed. Speaking of which, read why sleeping with your cat and sleeping with your dog can be beneficial. Because sometimes we need science to back up what we already know.

5. Gifts = pampered pets

Like with kids, sometimes it’s the material things that pets really want. It’s not that they don’t appreciate the love you give them, promise. They just also really appreciate that new bed or toy….

So it makes sense that getting your pet a new gift is a good way to pamper them. It doesn’t have to be big or lavish, but a little treat here and there can brighten up their day. Here are some cat beds your kitty might love. And for those chillier days, dog jackets (and other winter warmers too) rarely go unappreciated.

And while you’re at it, definitely check out the HUHA ethical gift store so you can make your pet’s day while also helping other animals in need.

6. Pet TV to wind down your day

If all of these seem a bit too active, there’s always the good old TV and blanket option. It’s a great way to spend some quality time with your pet and allow you both to unwind. And while you might not think they care much about what’s actually on the screen, cat tv is actually a “thing.”

But we reckon they’re more invested in the cuddles and comfy couch anyway. So don’t feel bad if you opt for your favourite romcom instead of a nature documentary. The pampered pets out there will enjoy it regardless.

Bonus: pet insurance for pampered pets

Pet insurance is another way to spoil your pet. And your wallet. It helps you afford the bills for medical treatment and other care when needed, which means your pet has a soft landing in times of need. So if you choose only one thing to pamper them with it should be a pet insurance policy.

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