Can Dogs Sleep Outside? Or Is Inside Better?

black labrador dog sleeps outside on wooden deck in garden

New dog owners often wonder whether dogs can sleep outside safely. Although loads of us invite our pooches into bed for a snuggle, some pet parents prefer their dogs to sleep outside. Many of us like the idea of the dog barking if there’s an intruder or something suspicious nearby, acting as our early warning … Read more

Easter Costumes For Dogs – Cuteness Overload!

With Easter right around the corner, why not celebrate it in style this year by choosing your furball one of these Easter costumes for dogs? Dressing up is a fun way to bring excitement and joy to the holiday season, plus it makes for a super cute photo shoot that won’t soon be forgotten. If … Read more

7 Tips for a Happy National Pet Day

this cat and dog celebrate a happy National Pet Day!

Happy National Pet Day! It’s that one extra special day of the year to celebrate your furry friend. Of course, it’s no secret that every day is pet day for pet parents… But, there’s nothing wrong with today being even more special. Especially, when it comes to our cats and dogs! However this isn’t only … Read more

Can Cats Eat Chocolate Easter Eggs + Other Easter Treats?

cat and dog vomiting

If you’ve been wishing for a little downtime to spruce up your home, try out some new recipes or get into a good book, Easter is the perfect time. Easter brings not just chocolate but public holidays, hooray! It’s the ideal time for a staycation with pets and chocolate – but hang on… Can cats … Read more

3 Tips for Travelling with Your Pet this Easter

Prep well for travelling with your dog in the car

The Easter period is dotted with festive holidays, making it perfect for a family getaway. And for many Kiwis that means our pets. But travelling with your dog or cat by car or plane takes a bit of good prep. You don’t want your pets getting overheated, dehydrated or experiencing intense cabin fever, for a … Read more

Active Dog Month: Dog Breed Exercise Requirements

pet owners make sure this dog breed's daily exercise requirements are met

Dogs may all be the same species, but when it comes to dog breed exercise requirements that’s where the similarity ends. For instance, your German Shepherd’s fitness regime will vary enormously from that of your Pug‘s. Knowing your breed’s fitness needs is essential for keeping a happy healthy pet… In fact, it’s a crucial must-know … Read more

Cruciate Disease in Dogs and Boogie the Rottweiler

Boogie and his mum Lulu shortly after luxating patella symptoms start showing

Boogie the Rottweiler is one year old. That makes her about seven years old in human years, or so they say. She’s young, upbeat and simply loves camping and walks on the beach. But recently the young Auckland pup had a mysterious limp that came and went. Cruciate disease in dogs was found to be … Read more

Should You Worry About Ear and Skin Problems in Your French Bulldog?

brown french bulldog bowing

French Bulldogs in NZ are a popular breed – and it’s easy to see why. Those huge, pointy ears and adorable big eyes make them super cute to look at. But we can promise you those big ears are still selective in what they hear. The food bowl shaking from a kilometre away? Sure. You … Read more

How to Adopt the Perfect Pup for National Puppy Day!

woman celebrates her puppy on national puppy day

National Puppy Day is this Wednesday 23 March. Technically it’s inter-national puppy day. But just so long as we’re celebrating tiny fluffy cute puppies, it kind-sorta doesn’t matter what we call it, right!? Puppy day (for short) is a time to enjoy, play with, talk about and – maybe even – adopt a puppy. Especially … Read more

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