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The Big Hitters: Our 10 Most Popular Blog Posts in 2023


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Welcome to the Hall of Fame of our blog! At PD Insurance, we believe in educating pet parents on all aspects of their fur kid journey. As such, our blog section is jam-packed with informative articles. We cover everything from the genetics of ginger cats to brushing your pet’s teeth to protecting your dog from parvo. But which were our most popular blog posts in 2023?

Today, we’re diving into the top 10 blog posts that have kept you clicking and reading. We bet you’ll be surprised by what made the list!

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#10 Most popular blog post: “Your How-To Guide for Comparing Pet Insurance Plans”

It seems almost every pet owner was looking for a pet insurance comparison guide in 2023.

Coming in as our 10th most read article in 2023 is “Your How-To Guide for Comparing Pet Insurance Plans.” Reading it, you’ll learn that it’s not just about snagging the cheapest deal. It’s about finding the right cover for your furry mate.

From understanding policy inclusions like surgery costs and medication to figuring out exclusions, annual limits, and claim percentages – it’s all covered. You’ll be a pro at navigating the nitty-gritty details like excess fees and waiting periods.

Plus, the article dives into different types of cover available in New Zealand. Usually there are three – accident-only, accident and illness, and extra comprehensive plans. It even touches on third-party liability, which is super important. The best part? It shares how to tailor insurance to pet’s unique needs, whether they’re a spry puppy or a graceful senior cat.

If you want to make a savvy decision that keeps both your pet and wallet happy, give this a go.​

PD Pet Insurance launched in New Zealand in August 2020

#9 Most popular blog post: “Darling Dogs and Covetous Cats: Sacred Animals in Hinduism”

A deep dive into the spiritual significance of animals was our fifth most popular blog post in 2023. “Sacred Animals In Hindu Mythology: Dogs and Cats” delves into the intriguing roles of dogs and cats within Hindu culture.

The article reveals the high esteem Hindu culture holds for dogs and uncovers fascinating traditions like the Kukur Tihar festival. In this festival, people adorn dogs with flowers and celebrate them as guardians of the spiritual realm. This heart-warming glimpse shows the worldwide reverence for these loyal companions.

But what about cats? The story there is a bit different. The article sheds light on cats’ more ambiguous role in Hindu mythology. While not revered like dogs, cats still have an interesting place, with certain beliefs and superstitions surrounding them.

It’s a compelling read that offers a fresh perspective on how different cultures view beloved pets. Whether you’re a dog lover, a cat enthusiast, or just interested in cultural practices, this article’s got something for you.

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#8 Most popular blog post: “Parvo Symptoms, Signs, Prevention, and Treatment”

Coming in at number eight is our invaluable guide on the canine parvovirus.

Parvo Symptoms, Signs, Prevention, and Treatment” is an essential read for every owner, especially with NZ’s parvo outbreaks happening frequently. The article meticulously outlines the crucial aspects of this deadly virus, which predominantly affects young and unvaccinated dogs, and offers detailed insights into the nature of parvovirus, including its transmission and resistance to extreme conditions and disinfectants​​.

It highlights the vulnerability of puppies and young dogs, particularly in their early weeks. This in turn emphasises the vital role of vaccination in prevention.

The severity of parvovirus is underscored, with the article detailing the symptoms to look out for, such as lethargy, lack of appetite, diarrhoea, bloating, and vomiting, and the immediate actions required if a dog displays these symptoms​​.

We also address the aftermath of a parvo diagnosis, guiding on environment cleaning and reinforcing the contagious nature of the virus​​. The piece underscores the importance of pet insurance too, as a way to manage the high costs of treatment.

Consider this a highly informative and practical guide for dog parents.

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#7 Most popular blog post: “Fined! Why You Can’t Take Your Dog or Cat into NZ National Parks”

It seems talk of dog walking rules around NZ had our readers clicking – no doubt the mention of potentially being charged for it helped!

A Fine for Dogs in National Parks? Know These Rules” is a crucial read for pet parents planning outdoor adventures with their furry friends. With summer holidays beckoning, many are eager to explore the great outdoors, but it’s vital to be aware of the rules regarding taking pets into natural spaces.

You might think it’s all fun and games, but there’s a serious side to it. The article explains why pets in national parks is a no-go, highlighting the risks to both wildlife and your pet.

The piece isn’t a list of rules; it’s packed with real-life examples and insights from the Department of Conservation, who we partner with on the Lead the Way programme. You’ll learn about the hefty fines for breaking these rules and the impact on New Zealand’s precious wildlife.

It’s a must-read if you’re keen to be a responsible pet parent while enjoying the great outdoors. We bet there’s stuff in there you never even thought about.

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#6 Most popular blog post: “Why Do Siamese Kittens Change Colour?”

It seems plenty of people want to know “Why Do Siamese Kittens Change Colour?“, considering this is our seventh most read blog article of 2023.

It’s like nature’s own little magic trick, and PD’s article is just the ticket to understanding this feline phenomenon. We delve into the cool science behind why these kitties transition from creamy whites to those stunning, darker shades. It’s not just fascinating genetics; it’s a captivating glimpse into the unique world of Siamese cats.

The blog post doesn’t just explore their looks. It gives insights into Siamese cats’ personalities, including their social butterfly nature. Perfect for anyone curious about these elegant and chatty felines.

So, if you’re up for a mix of science and cat lore, this is a must-read. It’s full of surprises and adorable cat facts!

A siamese cat laying on a carpet with blue eyes, featured in one of the top ten blog posts.

#5 Most popular blog post: “Dog DNA Tests in NZ: What You Need to Know”

The ins and outs of dog DNA testing in New Zealand proved to be an oh-so-popular topic that put this article at number three of our most popular blog posts.

Dog DNA Tests in NZ: What You Need To Know” explains the growing trend among Kiwi pet parents to discover whether their dogs are purebreds or unique crossbreeds, using dog DNA tests. This informative piece delves into the accuracy, workings, and costs of these tests, making it a valuable resource for dog parents interested in learning more about their pets’ genetic backgrounds​​.

Our article goes beyond just identifying dog breeds. It also discusses how DNA testing can provide insights into health and lifestyle recommendations, tailored to your dog’s breed composition. This can be particularly useful for breed-specific health management and disease prevention.

Moreover, the guide explains the practicalities of conducting a dog DNA test in NZ, including the various options available and a step-by-step process for testing.

It’s an enlightening read for anyone considering a DNA test for their dog, offering both fun insights and practical health benefits​​.

In front of a microscope, a scientist diligently holds a flask of liquid while conducting an experiment.

#4 Most popular blog post: “Small but Spunky! All About the Chihuahua”

Coming in at number 10 for 2023 (and currently our most popular blog post) is a breed profile on our feisty pint-sized friend, the Chihuahua.

Fancy knowing more about them? “Small but Spunky! All About the Chihuahua” delves into the rich history and unique characteristics of the Chihuahua breed, tracing its origins back to Mexico and its evolution into one of the world’s most adored dog breeds​​.

We give an in-depth look at the breed’s two recognised types – short-haired and long-haired – while also exploring fascinating details such as their life span, temperament, and coat types​​.

Beyond breed specifics, the article introduces readers to extraordinary Chihuahuas like Pearl, recognised as the planet’s shortest dog alive by Guinness World Records, painting a vivid picture of the breed’s diverse sizes and personalities​​.

It’s got valuable advice on behavioural traits, health issues, grooming needs, and the special considerations needed for long-haired and teacup Chihuahuas​​​​​​​​. Whether you’re a current Chihuahua parent or considering adding one to your family, this article is a must-read for understanding and appreciating the unique qualities of these lovable, spunky little dogs​​.

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#3 Most popular blog post: “Are All Ginger Cats Male: Yes or No?”

Unravelling the genetics behind the gender and colour of ginger cats, this fourth most popular blog post became a favourite for its blend of science and fun facts.

Are All Ginger Cats Male: Yes or No?” is an intriguing read for cat enthusiasts and anyone curious about feline genetics. Spoiler alert: it’s not as black and white as you might think. The article gets into the nitty-gritty of cat biology, explaining not only why ginger cats often end up being boys, but also how girls can get in on the ginger action too.

It’s a bit of a science lesson mixed with some cat trivia – perfect for any cat lover’s curiosity!

There’s more… Ever noticed how ginger cats always seem to be tabbies? That’s no coincidence. The read also explores the different types of tabby patterns (like spotted, ticked, patched, classic, and mackerel) that these fiery furballs can flaunt.

Whether you’re a cat expert or just starting to get your paws wet in the world of feline facts, this article’s a gem. So, give it a go and add some quirky cat knowledge to your repertoire.

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#2 Most popular blog post: “5 Small Dog Breeds for Apartment Living”

The second most popular blog post for 2023 is “Small Dog Breeds for Apartment Living“. It’s a delightful read for anyone considering adopting a furry friend in a smaller living space.

Small dog breeds aren’t just compact and suited for apartments, townhouses, or tiny houses, they pack a punch in personality. These pint-sized pooches are great companions, often requiring less exercise. This means they can be perfect for those who enjoy a more relaxed lifestyle. Plus, they won’t take up too much space in your bed if sleeping with your dog in your bed is part of your routine​​.

Considering that more and more young people are renting in apartments, it makes sense readers will want to know what fur kids they could possibly bring home.

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#1 Most popular blog post: “Pet Vaccinations and Schedules in NZ: What You Need to Know

Finally, topping our list of top 10 most popular blog posts for 2023 is this comprehensive guide on pet vaccinations.

Pet Vaccinations and Schedules in NZ: What You Need to Know” offers a look into crucial aspects of pet care. It delves into the specifics of vaccination schedules for both dogs and cats, highlighting their importance in protecting our furry friends from potentially deadly viruses and bacteria.

The article emphasises that even indoor pets require vaccinations, underlining why there’s a universal need for this pet healthcare practice, irrespective of the pet’s lifestyle​​.

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So there you have it, our top 10 blog most popular blog posts that captured our readers’ hearts and minds! From pet care tips to intriguing animal facts, these posts represent the best of our blog. Stay tuned for more insightful and engaging content. 🐾💖

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