Michelle Le Long, COO at PD Insurance co-hosts the PD stand with Victoria at the Auckland Pet Expo

PD at Auckland Pet Expo with Dogs NZ and DOC


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This year’s Auckland Pet Expo was a massive success, with more than 20,000 in attendance. PD Pet Insurance was proud to co-host two stands with our partners, Dogs NZ and the Department of Conservation. Together we flew our complementary orange, green and purple colours respectively.

The show took place at the Auckland showgrounds and catered to animal professionals and lovers alike. While you couldn’t bring along your own pets, it was a unique opportunity to learn about emerging pet trends, safety, health and technology and meet leading pet experts.

Of course there were some special guest pets in attendance too. More on that below.

the shared Dogs NZ and PD Insurance exhibition stand at the Auckland Pet Expo

PD and Dogs NZ safeguard canine companions

Just three months ago, PD embarked on a new partnership with the national kennel council, Dogs NZ. Part of our agreement is to share and use vital health data to make informed decisions around canine wellbeing. This includes bringing dog insurance to many new puppy owners, helping to keep these young pets healthy and safe.

The PD and Dogs NZ stand at the Auckland Pet Expo provided a wealth of information on bringing up well behaved, healthy canine citizens. Together with Dogs NZ volunteers and Canine Health and Welfare Officer Rhea Hurley, we were also able to educate prospective pet owners about the importance of pet insurance.

Our very own PD dog mascots Buster and Chewy were in attendance. Buster’s human mum is Michelle Le Long, PD’s Chief Operating Officer and Chewy’s mum Danielle Rutherford is a PD Business Development Manager. Thanks to Danielle for drawing the prize winner in the video below.

“We had a wonderful time interacting with people and talking about the value pets have on our lives. It was particularly special having people interact with our PD dogs while discussing the importance of getting the right type and breed of pet. One that matches their family and lifestyle. 

– Michelle Le Long, Chief Operating Officer at PD Insurance

Together with Dogs NZ we gave away some hampers and a Eufy Pet Wi-Fi Camera. Congrats to Phillip and his pet Woofy on winning the lucky draw. Here’s to pet technology enhancing your human-pet relationship in new ways and further ensuring your pet’s safety:

Department of Conservation and PD Lead the Way

The shared PD and Department of Conservation ‘Lead the Way’ programme stand in orange and purple at the Auckland Pet Expo was a gateway to information on responsible, ‘wildlife wise’ pet parenting and conservation.

Michelle Le Long, PD Insurance Chief Operating Officer and mum to the afore-mentioned Buster says, “for PD and the Department of Conservation, our messaging was very much in sync. This allowed us a great opportunity to discuss with expo attendees how pet ownership has evolved and the effect this is having on the environment. Long gone are the days a dog would stay home; nowadays man’s best friend tends to go everywhere with its owners.

“It’s commonplace to see dogs on our coastlines and out walking on bush trails or enjoying a treat at the local café. This is why it’s super important for us all to respect and remind ourselves that our dogs must always be under control and on leads when necessary.”

– Michelle Le Long

She continues that “Our shared approach with the Department of Conservation allowed pet parents and soon-to-be pet parents a better understanding of how the Lead the Way programme worked and could benefit them. We spent a lot of time discussing the expectations of pet owners when walking their dogs in coastal areas, how fragile a lot of our wildlife area and what the different coloured leads meant.”

“Beyond this, what was noticeable was how engaged the younger generation is on pet ownership and how much research was being gathered before they went off to get themselves a new pet. Interestingly, many Auckland Pet Expo visitors spoke about rehoming first before buying.”

While you're here, remember to take (and share) the Lead the Way quiz. 
Department of Conservation and PD stand at the Auckland Pet Expo

Michelle shares “The Auckland Pet Expo had heaps of cool pet products on sale and lots of four legged furry pets to understand more about, cuddle, pat or consider rehoming. It was great to see so many exhibiting companies with so much to offer and all the new innovative products that are now available.

“The expo was bustling with activity and it did not stop for the two days. Several new product trends stood out for me. One was how important a good diet is and that there is one to suit all budgets.”

– Michelle Le Long

“Good quality nutritional and supplement options are super important not only as humans age – they’re crucial for your dog and cat too. Understanding when to change pets’ diets to a more mature one to assist with good dog gut health, for example, brings a lot of healthcare benefits.

I learned more about how vital it is to provide your pets with the nutrients best suited for health and wellness. Specific formulations catering to kittens and puppies are so important too, for giving your new pets the best start in life.”

For more information on this topic, read our latest interview with Purina and Royal Canin on pet food insights and innovations. 
visitors at the PD and Department of Conservation Auckland Pet Expo stand

Auckland Pet Expo highlights

Michelle shares that “it was cool to meet lots of soon-to-be pet owners and customers of PD after such a long break with COVID restrictions. We spent a lot of time simply chatting with people about what’s been happening in the pet world. The horror stories we heard about pets not being insured certainly supported the message of getting it early and making the right decision for life.

“For the many visitors, there was a huge range of dogs, cats and other types of pets to cuddle – such a good thing to see. We had a lot of our PD customers come up and talk to us about our offerings and how easy our claims process was to use, which was great to hear. Many people enthusiastically discussed all the mishaps their pets had got themselves into and how our insurance has supported them financially.

“I loved seeing all the goodies that were picked up at the Auckland Pet Expo too; there was something there for everyone!”

Be sure to read about previous pet events and exhibitions that PD attended. 
Michelle Le Long, COO at PD Insurance speaks to a visitor at the Auckland Pet Expo

Join the PD pet care partnership

Through our shared efforts, PD Insurance, Dogs NZ and the Department of Conservation have been able to reach a wider audience of potential and existing pet owners. We’re dedicated to bringing greater wellness to the lives of each and every valued Kiwi pet.

“Huge thanks must go to our friends at the Department of Conservation and the wonderful volunteers from Dogs NZ, like their fabulous Canine Health and Welfare Officer Rhea Hurley, who all gave us their weekend.”

– Michelle Le Long

To do this as best as possible, we invite vets, breeders, trainers, retailers and more to join us in a pet care partnership. Help us bring the message of pet insurance to your customers. For each one that signs up with PD, you’ll in turn be earning rewards for your business or organisation.

Contact us today to become a PD partner.

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