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Dog Friendly Camping: Top Tips for a Great Getaway


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If you thought camping is only for humans, think again! Dog friendly camping in NZ is in and we’ve everything you need to make sure you’re prepared. 

There’s not much that beats a night sky filled with stars next to a campfire, and your furkid will surely agree. While not everything we enjoy about camping will translate, (including chocolate s’mores and horror stories around the campfire) almost everything else does. Your pup will adore the fresh air, wide open spaces and beautiful sights and smells.

Dog friendly camping must-dos

Here are our top tips to give you everything you need to make it a smooth and successful getaway.

Easy eating

Make mealtimes easier by decanting your pup’s food into smaller containers. When you’re packing don’t forget any medication they may need, and treats!

Paw proofing

If this is your first time camping with your furbaby, you’ll thank us for this one – pack tough towels and blankets. Their little claws can do some serious damage to tent fabric, accidentally of course. It’ll help if you have the floor, door, and anywhere else possible covered up with blankets or towels. 

pet behaviourist helps aggressive dog become calm

Training up

While some campsites will ask you to keep your pup on a leash, not all of them will. Where they’re allowed to roam free it’s definitely worth making sure you’ve done some relevant training before your travels. For example, having them respond to your voice when asked to return to you will keep them from disrupting other happy campers. Read about positive reinforcement training here.

Protect them

Going out into the wild and untamed areas is so uplifting; just ensure your pooch’s pet vaccinations schedule is up to date otherwise it could become a downer. This way you can sleep easy knowing pup is protected on your dog friendly camping trip in NZ. Equally important, be prepared with flea and tick treatment. As you know, ticks aren’t that much of an issue here, but they may be if you’re travelling to Oz or an area that does have many ticks.

Safety first

As a wise person once said, plan for the best but prepare for the worst. Having all your dog’s identification information, vaccination records and your contact details might come in very handy. In the same breath, ensure your dog’s microchip and tag are up to date. To err on the safe side, knowing how to access your pet insurance will help if you need to make an emergency vet visit.

Doodoo duties

Have a poop scooper and baggies ready to clean up after them. No one wants to step in doodoo while they’re on holiday! Perhaps even read out puppy poop etiquette guide

Keep them close

There will be times, like when it gets dark, where you’ll want to keep your furball close by. It’s a good idea to get them a long lead and a tether to attach it to. This will keep your pooch close and let you keep both your hands on the task at hand. 

Toy distractions

If it’s just you and your doggo on your dog friendly camping trip in NZ, there may be times where you need to leave them alone momentarily, like when you use the bathroom. For times like these, the tip above will work, but you might also consider a treat dispensing toy to keep them occupied. And if you have an extra pair of eyes (and hands) there’s no harm in bringing them along anyways!

Space allowance

While it might not be possible, we’d recommend bringing a bigger tent than you think you need. Sleeping with your dog in your bed is pawsome for your health, and the warm cuddles are even better in a tent, but they don’t care for “your side” of the bed. 

Photo ID

To coincide with tip 5, it’s a good idea to take a photo of your furbaby before you head out (or have one handy). Just in case you get separated it’ll make the search a lot easier when other campers around you can be on the lookout.

Now all that’s left is to pick where you’re going …

Three friends on a dog-friendly camping trip in NZ. One person petting the dog while the others relax by the tent.

Kiwis’ top dog friendly camping spots

Not all campsites welcome dogs – yet – but it’s becoming so popular that many are opening their doors to this. There’s a ton of dog friendly camping options around New Zealand for those who like to bring their pets everywhere with them:

Check out this list of dog friendly camping areas for more.

Pet insurance – no packing required

You can be as prepared, even overprepared, as you want. But dogs can still wiggle themselves into a pickle. Even with dog first aid kits, up-to-date vaccinations, and vigilant owners. Taking your pup to a dog friendly camping site brings more risks than in the home, backyard.

Having dog insurance gives your pooch a soft landing wherever you are. So, even if they let their wild side out in nature, you can always get them the medical attention they need without worrying about the cost of the bill.

For the peace of mind knowing your fur ball is covered against the unforeseen, consider pet insurance. Click below to get a hassle-free quote.

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