pet owner celebrates how pet claims are easy with PD Insurance

How PD Insurance Makes Pet Claims Easy

More and more pet owners are opting to get pet insurance and for good reason – why wouldn’t you want to protect your pet and purse strings? But a quick search of ‘pet claims’ on Google shows that pet parents are concerned making a claim won’t be easy. With PD Insurance that’s not the case, in fact it’s the opposite.

Making a claim with PD Insurance is simple, easy, fast and online. We know getting the right treatment for pets at the right time is important and that having a reliable plan provider makes this possible. This is why we offer a streamlined claims process with a fast turnaround time.

But don’t just take our word for it. Find out some fast facts about our claims process and hear what Kiwi pet parents have to say about their pet claims experiences.

7 ways pet claims are easy with PD Insurance

Buying a pet plan online is super easy and so is making a claim. We’re all about keeping things simple and clear while avoiding unnecessary jargon and hidden costs. That sort of fluff just isn’t our style.

“Honestly you guys are amazing at PD.
The stress of a sick animal yet knowing you have our backs etc is something we are really grateful for. You are so easy to deal with and so quick and efficient, it’s very much appreciated by us. Thanks again.
PS Turura is now on the mend after a rough night post op but he’s a brave boy.”

– Mark, PD Insurance member (dog dad to Turura and Blu)

Pet insurance should always be easy to understand and easy to use. Here’s how we’re making sure to live up to this promise:

A women submits pet claims via her 'Manage Portal'

1. 24/7 access to your member portal

When you buy your pet plan, you get your own ‘Manage Portal’ profile that you can access anytime, anywhere. The beauty of having your own profile means you don’t need to sit around on the phone during your lunch hour to speak to our membership support providers (unless you want to – we’ll happily chat!).

You can access your simple to use online portal 24/7. This means you can lodge a claim easily when it’s convenient for you. If you’ve been at work all day, then dashing off the store and are finally at home on your couch, you can simply log in and submit your claim. If you like to burn the midnight oil, you can even submit your claim after all the fur kids have gone to bed.

2. Simple submission of pet claims

Submitting pet claims are as easy as making a Manuka honey sandwich! Just take snapshots of your vet bill to submit together with the online claim form and additional supporting documentation (like for example, a vet’s medical report).

You can either complete the claim form on your Manage Portal profile or email us at [email protected].

pet claims are as fast and flexible as this pet cat

3. Fast turnaround times

The beauty of the internet is that communication can be speedy and effective. Our online pet insurance claims process exemplifies this. Once you’ve completed your claims submission and all the relevant information is with us, we’ll contact you to let you know if there’s anything more we need or if your claim is being processed.

“The experience I’ve had with PD has been superb. I’ve never had such a good experience dealing with any insurance company in my life, it’s just been incredible. The claim is always dealt with incredibly quickly. The level of support, professionalism and friendliness has been really outstanding.”

– Richard, PD Insurance member (and owner of Steve the Russian Blue cat)

Once we have all relevant documents, we’ll resolve your claim and refund your money into your account within two working days.

Yep, you read that correctly. We know you don’t have time to wait around and we don’t want you worrying about bills when you could spend that energy on your recovering pet.

4. Clear communication

We like all our communication to be as effective and easy to understand as possible. This includes our website, policy disclosure statements (PDS), Manage Portal and of course the way our team members keep you updated throughout your claims process.

We’ve found PD Insurance brilliant. The claims process is so easy and the team is really quick to respond. Your refund is in your account so fast and the communication is great throughout.”

– Amanda, PD Insurance member (and pet mum to Harvey the miniature Schnauzer)

5. Weighty industry experience

At PD Insurance we know everyone’s unique and their pet insurance plan should be too. We are our own underwriter (via Pacific International Insurance), which allows us to make fast, flexible and fair decisions with processing your pet claims. Ditto when it comes to tailoring your plan and your premium.

Underwriting is the process of risk calculation, which is an extremely finely calibrated risk calculating algorithm. Pacific International Insurance has 20+ years of insurance underwriting expertise making us a stronger, weightier, well-enabled insurance provider for you and your pet.

PD Insurance pet claims process is lightning fast - like this dog!

6. Zero waiting times for accidents

As with any insurance provider, some of our benefits have waiting periods before you can make the first claim. However, you can never anticipate when, why or where your pet might have an accident that requires immediate medical attention.

This is why we have a zero wait for claiming for accident cover. Check out our PDS for all other waiting periods.

7. You can claim multiple times

If your dog breaks their leg, gets into a fight and swallows something poisonous, you might fear you can only claim for one of these incidents. Or if your cat gets bitten by the neighbour’s dog and gets sick, you might be worried only one of these will be covered.

With PD Insurance, you can make multiple claims for multiple incidents, even if they all happen close together. We know every cat and dog is unique (and often unpredictable) and we’re always there to give them a softer landing.

Pet claims made easy with PD Insurance

If you’re still not sure about all the ins and outs of pet insurance, we’ve compiled some resources to help you get there.

Here are several pet insurance explainers to make getting and using your pet plan simple, easy and fast:

Pet insurance for a softer landing

Pet insurance isn’t just for pets. It’s also for pet owners because it gives you peace of mind so you can really enjoy your pet without niggling worries. When you buy your pet plan online with us your first month is free (at the time of writing anyway – so get to it!).

We’re also offering eight weeks’ free So is dog insurance worth it, and cat insurance too? Absolutely, and with us you get two months free cat insurance or dog insurance if you sign up when your pet is between six weeks and one year old. Why wait a moment longer; click below to get a quote.

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