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7 Pet Gadgets to Keep Pets Safe, Entertained and Scoop Poop


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Pet tech in NZ is booming with lots of new gadgets on the market. From smart cat and dog collars that double as GPS pet trackers to litterboxes that clean themselves. (Yep, you heard that right!). Being a pet owner has never been more entertaining.

Let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want a litterbox that magically cleans up after your pet’s business? It’s like having a personal pooper scooper. But without the scooping.

Not only can you get these furbulous pet gadgets available online at the push of a button, but if you don’t have a pet ye, you can try a virtual one first. Of course, having a pet still takes a lot of hard work (and love and cuddles) but with the latest devices things just keep getting easier.

In this article, PD rounds up five of our favourite pet tech offerings:

cat wears smart collar that measures its whereabouts

#1. Smart cat and dog collars find lost pets

Lost pets? Don’t fret! In days gone by, collars would have name tags on them (and still should). Today’s smart cat and dog collars aren’t just for fashion-forward pets. Consider a pet collar that not only makes your pet look stylish but also doubles as a GPS pet tracker.

If Fido decides to go on an impromptu adventure or Felix gets spooked by a cat-dog standoff, you’ll know exactly where they are. It’s like having your own pet detective on speed dial!

A GPS pet tracker works by linking to the app via your phone. If your pet moves beyond their safe range it sends you a notification. The location tracking feature will also help you find your lost pet.

Speaking of pet collars, read why breakaway cat collars are the safest.

pet tracker smart dog collar helps measure this dog's temperature, heart rate and overall activity levels

#2. Pet tracker measures pet health and activities

In addition to tracking roving pets, smart cat and dog collars can help keep tabs on your furry friend’s activity and health. Your pet tracker can now be your pet’s personal fitness coach, setting step count goals and comparing their activity levels to their snooze time.

It’s like having a Fitbit for your pet, making sure they stay in top shape. Who needs a personal trainer when your pet’s collar is doing all the work?

There are lots of different pet tracker options, some of which also measure heart rate and body temperature. Considering the rising mercury of summer, these can be great safeguards to have in place. (We’ve all heard horror stories about dogs in hot cars).

Pet tracker smart dog and cat collars

If you’re ready to get your fur baby a pet tracker, check the sizing and specs to make sure it’s a purrrfect fit. Here are some options to have a look at:

via a smart cat collar pet tracker, you can now give your pet a social media profile

#3. Pet tracker social media for fur kids

Move over, Kardashians! Our pets are taking over social media too. With pet tracker apps that have their own dedicated social networks, your fur baby can become an internet sensation.

They’ll be trending among the pet community with their sleep rankings, activity updates, and adorable snapshots. #InstaFamousPets are the new influencers, and your pet could be the next big thing!

Speaking of furry fame, read about:

Of course, many of us while away hours trying to limit our human kid’s screen time and social media activities. Thankfully, paw kids don’t need that type of supervision because having them on social media is up to you.

a small puppy is lonely and wishes he had pet tech like the ones that can throw him a ball while his person is at work

#4. Playtime pet tech for Kiwi pets

Is your pet feeling a bit lonely while you’re at work? No worries! Pet technology has your back. With webcams that allow you to talk to and see your pet remotely, you can now have a virtual playdate with your furry baby.

But it doesn’t stop there – some pet gadgets can even play with your pet! Picture this: an automatic ball launcher or high-tech dog bones that you can control with an app.

Of course, you won’t want to hand these activities over to pet gadgets because playtime with pets is all about building bonds and strengthening your relationship. Speaking of which, here are some playtime tips:

While you’ll still want to share those special moments with your pet, having a stand-in means staving off separation anxiety in pets, which is a win-win. Bookmark the PD guide to pet technology in NZ to help you keep a watchful eye on Bella or Charlie then keep reading below.

Cat takes a step into this self cleaning litter box - a big hurrah for pet tech in NZ

#5. Self-cleaning litterbox with pet poop tracker

Say goodbye to litter box woes with the latest innovative pet tech in NZ: self-cleaning litter boxes. These high-tech marvels not only save you from the dreaded scooping chore, but they also come with a pet poop tracker.

Now you’ll know precisely when your cat has done their business. It’s like having a bathroom attendant who alerts you whenever there’s a deposit in the litter bank. No more surprises!

While on the topic of doing their duties, read about cat litter box training and toilet training your puppy. For those parents who want to take it up a notch, also find out about cat toilet training (as in peeing and pooping on the loo).

#6. Pet tech in NZ to help choose pets

If you’re aspiring to become a pet dad or mum and choosing, here’s another fun pet gadget: 3D pets. In no way can they ever substitute the real thing but they can certainly give you a feel for how your fur baby will fit in your home environment.

All you need to try out 3D pets is a newish smartphone and Google. Simply follow the steps in our article on Google 3D animals and voila, a pet will appear in your living space. Take videos and pics to get a good feel – here’s a sneak preview:

#7. Award winning online pet insurance with PD

We’ve covered fashion, health, social media, and playtime pet tech in NZ but what about the serious stuff? Enter online pet insurance with PD. It’s not just any insurance; it’s award winning cover that offers low-cost, high-value protection to pets and pockets.

Just like pet trackers and smart cat or dog collars, you can start your pet’s plan and manage it all via your phone.

When you buy online pet insurance with PD Insurance, you can get one or more months of FREE pet insurance. This can help you pay for surgery, prescribed medication, unexpected vet visits, X-rays and much more. Our fast claims turnaround means you can focus your time and attention on your pet.

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