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5 Ways to Spoil Your Pup this Valentine’s Day


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Valentine’s Day is coming up, and here at PD we believe there’s close to no greater love than that between a pet parent and their pup! With so much puppy love in the air, you may feel like getting into the spirit by thinking of things to buy to spoil your dog. After all, there are so many awesome Valentine’s gifts for dogs in NZ.

We’ve rounded up five paw-some ideas that will put a grin on your pup’s face. Or, in the very least, yours. Gifting them is kind of like gifting yourself, after all.

Two cute dogs with hearts on their noses are thinking about gifts for dogs in NZ and other things to buy to spoil your dog

1. Gifts for dogs in NZ A novel toy

We listed this gift for dogs in NZ in our guide on Awesome Christmas Gift Ideas for Dogs and Cats, and just can’t get over how cool it is! Pet talking buttons! Basically, they’re recordable training buttons to enhance your pet’s communication with you. With a bit of practice, your best buddy can use it to express their needs, like wanting a walk or a bit of playtime with you.

After all, is there anything more important when it comes to love than communication?

Speaking of relationships, do your pet and partner get along? Here’s what to do if your Pet Doesn’t Like Your Partner.

Gifts for dogs NZ A dog next to talking buttons. Check out our guide of things to buy to spoil your dog

2. Gifts for dogs in NZ – Homemade treats

Feeling crafty? Why not conjure up your own goodness in the kitchen instead of store bought gifts for dogs? These gummy treats have the right Valentine’s Day colours and are healthy, too! You’ll need a silicone mould for this one, preferably heart shaped.

Valentine’s Day Strawberry Gummy Dog Treats


  • 1 cup chopped up strawberries
  • 1 cup water
  • 1/2 cup water or chicken broth
  • 4 packets plain unflavoured gelatine

Method (this method applies to all three):

  • Blitz the strawberries and one cup of water together in a food processor to make strawberry juice.
  • Pour your gelatine into half a cup of water or chicken broth and whisk till its dissolved.
  • Add your strawberry juice.
  • Pour your mixture into your silicone mould.
  • Tap on the counter to ensure there are no air bubbles and the mixture is evenly distributed.
  • Let it set in the fridge for a minimum of 3 hours. It’s best to leave them overnight.
  • To remove them, tap your mould on the counter to loosen them, then turn them out.

Be sure to check out our article on Christmas dog treat recipes for some more paw-some treat ideas that make great gifts for dogs in NZ. You and your canine loved one will adore them any day, any time of the year.

3. Gifts for dogs in NZ A brand new lead

Is Fido’s lead looking a little shabby and worm through? Why not get them a brand new lead that’s not only durable, but has a big purpose!

PD recently partnered with DOC on the Auckland Lead the Way project. Part of the project is studying up on wildlife conservation rules and then taking the Wildlife Wise Quiz. Once completed, the quiz unlocks the option to purchase a high-quality, colour-coded, locally-made dog lead.

The lead acts as a traffic light to tell other dog parents what your pup’s temperament is like:

  • Green – means your dog is happy to be around other dogs and people.
  • Orange – means your dog isn’t always comfortable around other dogs and people.
  • Red – means your dog doesn’t like socialising with unfamiliar dogs or people.
  • Yellow – means your dog is disabled or vulnerable to interactions in some way.

How cool is that as a Valentine’s Day gifts for dogs in NZ? And in case you’ve ever wondered does my dog love me, we’ve got the answers on how you can tell!

Get a Department of Conservation Lead the Way lead. a dog on a leash at the beach, this is responsible dog ownership when taking dog on holiday

4. Gifts for dogs in NZ – A stunning new bowl set

We just love this idea for a gift for dogs in NZ – a new set of bowls! You can personalise this one and add your pup’s name to the Custom Dog Bowl With Name Decal or opt for a natural look with this Elevated Small Triple Dog Bowl Stand that also allows custom engraving.

Gifts for dogs NZ things to buy to spoil your dog. A custom dog bowl.
Gifts for dogs NZ and things to buy to spoil your dog A wooden dog bowl stand.

We also love the design of B&B Ceramic Bowl on Stand:

Did our list of things to buy to spoil your dog not hit the mark? Maybe these lists of ideas for pampering your pup will help:

Your dog can thank us later 😁

5. The ultimate gift – insurance

Valentine’s Day is all about showing love. And what better display of caring for your pet as a responsible pet parent than dog insurance. Having a pawlicy in place if ever things go awry (from accidents to illnesses and more) means you can treat pets to the medical attention they deserve when they need it most.

Need one more thing to buy to spoil your dog? Pet insurance should’ve really topped your list anyway. PD Insurance is an award winning brand that gives you one or more months of free when you buy online. Why not get a free quote below?

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