A Toyger cat looks lovingly at its owner

Toyger Cat Wears Its Stripes on Its Sleeve (and All Over!)


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If you’re an Aladdin fan or the kids in your life are, you might envy Jasmine having her own tiger. Not to worry – tigers come in miniature for us real-life humans, kinda! The Toyger cat breed has been created over many years to look like a toy tiger but act like a pussycat. What more could a gal possibly ask for in life… (princess hood, perhaps)? Read all about the captivating designer Toyger cat breed, gaining popularity by the day in NZ, here.

Toy + Tiger = Toyger!

The Toyger has an unusual genealogy. One of its forefathers is the Bengal, which is the only domestic cat (aside from breeds that carry its genes) to have Asian Leopard cat genes. Also, it’s worth noting Toygers are rare. Which is why, if you want one, you may need to have Princess Jasmine’s allowance at hand. 😊

Pssst, ever wondered how Jasmine got her tiger? Watch this vid to find out then delve further into the Toyger breed specs:

Toyger fast facts

The Toyger is a good natured friendly feline – a great all-rounder that loves people of all ages. And whereas real-life tigers love going it alone, Toygers love not just people but other pets too.

If you’re planning to own a Toyger cat in NZ, it’s important to know they’re very active. If you want your cat to walk on a lead, this breed is a good option (although there’s no guarantee it will want too). And if you leave them home a lot, be sure to get them lots of toys to keep their minds and bodies active. Check out our list of gifts for dogs and cats to play with.

Here are some more fast facts about the Toyger:

Life span10 – 15 years
ColoursBrown, chocolate, sable
MarkingsMackerel tabby
TrainabilityEasy to train
Cornerstone forefathersStriped domestic shorthair cat, Bengal cat, street cat

Making the markings of the Toyger

You could say the Toyger is to the tiger what the Bengal is to the leopard. In other words, one is stripes while the other is spots. And interestingly, these two domestic counterparts have a shared matriarch. We’ve already mentioned that Toygers have some Bengalese in their DNA, but wait, there’s more…

The woman who created the Toyger breed is Judy Sugden. And it just so happens that her mum is Jean Mill, the woman who created the Bengal cat. Can you believe it; mum and daughter are the spots and stripes of cat breeding. You could say it runs in their genes!

BTW, if you fancy yourself to be a bit of a tiger personality, maybe you are. 2022 is the Year of the Tiger, so find out if this is your Chinese New Year zodiac animal here. And for those who are just mad about cats, why not also find out what cat breed is most like you.

a Toyger kitten looks hesitantly at its surroundings

How much is a Toyger cat?

Like most designer things, from clothes to cars, designer cats (and hybrid dog breeds) cost a pretty penny. If you’re after a Toyger cat in NZ, then plan an initial outlay of around $1,000. This is just a rough approximate, but you can always get exact figures from one of New Zealand’s four accredited Toyger breeders.

Young at heart and deserves protection

The Toyger is a fairly new breed, first registered with TICA in the early 90s. Then in 2000 it was admitted to the new breed exhibition class before ramping up to championship cat status in 2007. Oh yeah!

Because the Toyger is such a new breed, not much is known about its health issues. However, from what we’ve read the breed may be prone to hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.

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