No, Don’t Bath a Cat (and When You Really Must)

Bath a cat

It’s important that you know when (not) to bath a cat and how. You may have noticed your cat is quite committed to personal grooming, so they don’t generally need a human to bath them. Sometimes, however, things don’t go their way and they may need a little extra help with their personal hygiene regime. … Read more

How to Remove Pet Fur Off Clothes and Furniture

remove pet fur

You love your pets – enough that you’ve looked into pet insurance, right? – but find their fur all over your clothes and furniture. Are you ready for these quick fixes to finally remove that pet fur from your wardrobe, furniture, surfaces, and floors? Needing tips for your poor furry car instead? Read our ‘simple … Read more

DIY Dog Walking Kit – Preparation is Key

Use the DIY Dog Walking Kit for puppy training

So, you’re going walkies or runsies? Read on – you need this dog walking kit to keep the ‘mis’ out of misadventure! Pooches must poop, they get dirty, and it could rain. While you can’t take the kennel and all the toys along, you do want to be prepared for the adventures ahead. For that, you … Read more

3 Ways You Can Safely Break Up a Cat Fight

3 ways to break up a cat fight

Feline fights are terrible things, all claws and teeth. The best way to break up a cat fight? Prevent it rather than trying to stop it after it’s started. This article discusses surefire tactics for making this happen. First, recognise the signs There’s play fighting and there’s serious fighting. Knowing the difference can save you … Read more

How to Choose the Right Dog Leash, Harness, or Lead

A leashed dog walking on a city sidewalk with its lead in hand.

Being able to contain your dog’s excitement and keep them (relatively!) in line outside the home using the right dog leash, harness, or lead, is a must for responsible pet owners. Leash, harness or lead, call it what you will, the plethora of dog restraining aids can be confusing for pet parents to choose from. … Read more

Find an Egyptian Name for Your Cat

Two Egyptian cats named Bastet and Sekhmet in front of an Egyptian sarcophagus.

It turns out that we’re not the only ones who treat our cats like members of the royal family. Considering how sacred cats were – and still are – to the Egyptians, why not give your pet an Egyptian name? Felines owned by Egyptian royals were enrobed in golden jewellery and many goddesses were portrayed … Read more

Do I Really Need Pet Insurance?

Pet Insurance

Are you wondering if you really need pet insurance? Pondering whether it’s really worth it? Or, perhaps, you would just like to find out what the fuss about medical cover for your furball is all about. Either way, keep reading! PD Insurance answers some frequently asked questions on pet insurance. What is pet insurance? Pet … Read more

Paws and Listen: Tips for Travelling With Pets

Tips For Travelling With Pets

Dreaming of a beautiful, busy, beach-side break? Or, maybe you’re keen for a relaxing road-trip that ends with you kicking back around the campfire. You can still achieve this when travelling with pets. Like the two thirds of New Zealanders who own a pet, your furry best friend is a beloved member of your family… … Read more

Busting The Top 5 Pet Insurance Myths

Pet Insurance Myths

New Zealand has the second highest rate of pet ownership in the world, with around two thirds of us counting them as family. Yet the rate of people with pet insurance is much lower than several other developed countries. It’s obvious there are misconceptions floating around, deterring people from taking the leap. This article will hopefully … Read more

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