Are All Ginger Cats Male: Yes or No?

Are all ginger cats male? No, but this one is.

Are all ginger cats male? We’ve decided to unpack this popular myth and get down to some fun chromosome data. What better time to dispel this widespread misconception than now? In this article, we’ll also debunk another misconception about tabby cats being a cat breed. Without further ado, let’s get into the how and why … Read more

Why Do Some People Look Like Their Dogs?

a woman with her dog - she's one of the people who look like their dogs

You only have to search ‘owner dog look alike’ on Google to discover the MANY people who look like their dogs. For instance the woman below with hair almost identical to the wavy, auburn tresses of her Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, or this gentleman who’s a dead ringer for his Pug. Some of us may … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Bones Safely?

Playful dog chews on a bone outside.

Dogs are famous for chewing everything from socks and shoes to toys and furniture. Whether we like it or not, dogs must chew. Which brings us to the question of what bones can dogs eat safely (if any)? Depending on the meal you just ate for dinner you might ask can dogs eat cooked pork … Read more

4 Christmas Dog Treat Recipes That Are Totally Pawsome

Fancy yourself as crafty in the kitchen? Feel like rustling up something amazing for you pup this festive season? We’ve rounded up Christmas dog treats recipes that are easy to make and will have their tails wagging all the way to the tree! These are all baked goodies — dog Christmas cookies recipes you’ll be … Read more

Christmas Dinner and Pets: What They Can and Can’t Eat

Christmas dinner and pets needs serious consideration about toxic foods

Christmas is a time to relax with our nearest and dearest. If your dogs and cats aren’t part of the ‘close family’ umbrella then…umm…you’re doing it wrong! Loads of us will put a little pet pressie under the tree or give our furkids a special treat for dinner. Some even invite them to join the … Read more

Fined! Why You Can’t Take Your Dog or Cat Into NZ National Parks

The summer holidays are upon us, and many pet parents and their fur balls are raring (and barking and meowing) to get out of the house. Excitement and enthusiasm is great, but being a responsible pet parent is being conscious of ‘no pets allowed’ spaces. You don’t want to end up getting a fine for … Read more

Should Your Cat Be Watching Cat TV?

Ginger cat watches YouTube videos on a bed on Love Your Pet Day 2023

Cat TV videos and channels might sound a bit…well…niche. But they’re popping up all over YouTube and other streaming services. Basically, pet cats have their own Netflix nowadays, whether rightly or wrongly. And why not? Before TV and streaming was a big thing, cats used to hang out in trees or by windows to watch … Read more

Christmas Dangers for Pets: Watch Out!

Christmas dangers for pets include tinsel

The tinsel is up, and the tree is groaning under the weight of baubles. Your Christmas lunch menu is all planned. What could possibly go wrong? Anyone with a cat, dog or other curious pet will know that brightly wrapped gifts, glittery decorations, and ALL THAT CHRISTMAS FOOD are serious temptations for fur kids. While … Read more

5 Pampered Pet Care Products for Christmas Stockings

get your cat pet care products to pamper them for Christmas

Pampered pets are happy pets, right? This is why PD Insurance has rounded up five pet care products to bag in Felix or Rover’s stocking this year. Grabbing one of these will mean you don’t get the stink eye from your furry bestie this Christmas… Because no one deserves that after the year we’ve all … Read more