2023 Guide to Top Dog Christmas Presents

Three friends and housemates hold up their dog with a Christmas tree backdrop for a festive season portrait

Looking for the ultimate dog Christmas presents to fill your fur kid’s stockings? Look no further. We’ve researched and collated nine tail wag worthy Christmas gifts for dogs that are available in NZ. Hopefully you can find all your dog Christmas presents in this one festive roundup! We also share tips on making Christmas a … Read more

7 Google Chrome Cats and Dogs That Live on Your Screen

Animated cats like Meow the Pet Cat and Tabby Cat Chrome extension bring virtual cats to your desktop

You’ve probably heard all about cats sitting on laptops… But have you heard about cats and dogs that live on your computer browser? Meow The Cat Pet and Tabby Cat are just a few of the many Chrome extensions that add a virtual cat or dog to your screen. Cursor cat will even chase your … Read more

How to Find Ethical Cat Breeders this Christmas

A woman sitting on a chair with a cat on her lap, promoting animal adoption.

Pet parenting has never been more popular, with Kiwis owning 4.6 million pets. But this high demand for fur kids (and a seasonal increase every festive period) isn’t always a good thing for animals. Kitten mills are a big problem in NZ, as is the huge number of abandoned pets in our animal adoption shelters. … Read more

Meet the Griffon Dog: A Lovable Ewok Teddy Bear

This is an image of an adorable Belgian Griffon dog posing for a photo in a field.

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of encountering a Griffon dog or Griffon puppies, you’ll know they’re more than just your average canine. These little furballs come with a personality as unique as their appearance, making them a delightful addition to any household. In this blog post, we’ll dive into the world of Griffon dogs, … Read more

7 Reasons to Compare Puppy Insurance Quotes Early On

a woman hugs her puppy against the backdrop of a park

Here’s the scenario. You’ve got/have/are daydreaming of a new puppy and you’re wondering what’s the best age to get dog insurance. If you compare pet insurance quotes for a puppy vs dog insurance, the answer is pretty straightforward.  Puppy insurance wins you lots of perks. It’s like this. Getting your fur kid insurance while they’re … Read more

14 Top Tips to Keep Your Fur Kid Safe this Summer

how to keep pets safe in summer is pretty simple

Hot summer days might be the stuff of postcards, but they can be hard on animals. Fur babies can’t just grab an icy cold drink, a pair of sunnies and head off for a swim on their own. That’s why, as a responsible pet parent, it’s crucial to know how to keep pets safe in … Read more

Your Big Cuddly British Shorthair Guide

This is an image of an adorable British Shorthair lying on the ground.

With its perfectly squishable, bear-like face, the cuddly charm of a British Shorthair cat or kitten is hard to deny. Their stout bodies and plush coats spawn a wealth of cute cat photos online. In fact, if you’ve ever wonder what breed of cat is Garfield – it’s speculated it’s a British Shorthair! (more on … Read more

The Rise Of The Glorious Goldendoodle

This is an image of an adorable Groodle dog looking at the camera with this tongue out. Groodle puppies are just as cute!

Imagine the beautiful golden coat of a Golden Retriever paired with the majestic stature of a Poodle. Together, you have a Goldendoodle! Also known as a Groodle, these magnificent dogs have become extremely popular in the last 10 years thanks to their wonderful temperament and looks. Below we look at just what a Goldendoodle is, … Read more

Dog DNA Tests in NZ: What You Need To Know

Dog pawprint

With loads of cute mixed breed dogs popping up all over social media, we’re seeing that ‘dog DNA test NZ’ is a commonly searched term. Kiwi pet parents are looking to find out their canine friends’ origins via dog genetic testing to see whether they’re secret purebred dogs or far-fetched crosses. Pug cross Great Dane, … Read more

Oodles of Doodles – Your Most Asked Questions About The Labradoodle

This is an image of a beautiful brown labradoodle with his tongue sticking out.

Ah, the Labradoodle – a delightful fusion of Labrador and Poodle, a mix that’s as endearing as it is intelligent. If you’ve found yourself in the delightful company of one of these fluffy wonders, or are considering bringing one a Labradoodle puppy into your life, you’re in for a treat! In this blog post, we’re diving deep … Read more

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