Insurance of the Future – 9 Pet Insurance Trends to Know

A white dog in a tree.

The take up of pet insurance is on the rise and for good reason. As our furry friends become more and more like family members, we’re increasingly willing to pay for their health care. With growth comes change, and insurance industry news reveals there have been many insurance trends and changes in recent years. The … Read more

Dog Ear Infections Are a #1 Canine Concern – Here’s Why

Otitis media is a type of dog ear infection

The (not so) humble dog ear infection continues to be among PD Insurance’s top claims. Why is this? Dog ears aren’t like ours, they’re far more complex. The shape allows them to hear better than humans, but as a result they’re more prone to otitis media, externa and interna – aka dog ear infections. Dog … Read more

Mittens Hits A Block – Dealing With Feline Urethral Obstruction

Mittens the cat had a urethral obstruction

Meet two and a half year old Mittens – a large, cuddly, fur ball who just loves belly rubs. With his gentle nature and playful spirit, he quickly became an irreplaceable part of his family. However, Mittens’ journey took a sudden and dangerous turn when he was diagnosed with a feline urethral obstruction that led … Read more

Why Do Dogs Eat Grass Then Throw Up?

why dogs eat grass like this is a good question

Why do dogs eat grass and weeds and then throw up? Granted they don’t throw up all the time but this is often the case. Do dogs know something about carbs and fibre that we humans don’t or are they simply salad fanatics? Since dogs across New Zealand seem wholeheartedly committed to keeping up with … Read more

Chief Health Officer at Royal Canin Tackles Vet Burnout

Dr Bronwen MacRae isn’t just the new ANZ Chief Health Officer at Royal Canin, she’s also the first. The newly created role forms part of a new advocacy team. The team’s focus is on reducing veterinary burnout, something that leads to low vet retention and staff shortages, and on supporting dog and cat nutrition via … Read more

Pet Vaccinations and Schedules in NZ: What You Need to Know

PD Pet insurance educates pet owners on the New Zealand vaccination schedule for pets

We know, we know. MORE vaccination talk. But this time, it’s pet vaccinations. Just like the COVID vaccinations, cat and dog vaccinations are there to keep our animals safe from potentially deadly viruses and bacteria. As pet parents we know animals aren’t too picky about what they sniff, eat, and play in. All kinds of … Read more

How to Stop Your Dog Chasing Birds and Other Wildlife

A dog chasing a pigeon. Here's how to how to stop dog chasing birds using obedience training

We all know the importance of protecting our indigenous wildlife. It’s one thing to practice this ourselves, but how do we get our pups to follow suit? Obedience training a dog to stop chasing birds and other animals (small or large!) can seem like an impossible task. Thankfully, it isn’t. With patience and consistency, it’s … Read more

Experiencing the 2023 NZVA & NZVNA Conference

PD Pet Insurance stand at the NZVA conference

Exhibiting at the NZVA & NZVNA Annual Conference was a highlight on the PD Insurance events calendar. There was plenty on offer in marking the 100-year celebration of the New Zealand Veterinary Association and key animal health and wellness issues were once again under the spotlight. “The NZVA conference was an excellent opportunity for PD … Read more

The (Real) Price of New Pets in New Zealand

woman with brown long curly hair pats her new black and white dog on a gravel road, after researching the price of pets

We know pets are priceless. But how much does it cost to have a cat or dog? Could this be the million dollar question? First there’s the price of buying pets. Secondly, there’s feeding, training, travelling, toys, grooming and more. Thirdly are pet health care prices. While you only buy your pet once, many of … Read more

What Breed is My Cat?

Ever wonder what breed is my cat? Ever wonder what breed is my cat?

Do you find yourself wondering what breed your cat is? If you’ve adopted yours from a shelter, you may not know. Thought some cats (like the Sphynx for instance) are quite distinct, others are harder to identify. Identifying breed is not only interesting, it can provide valuable insight into their unique personality, behaviour, and even … Read more