Winter Warmers: Dog Jackets And More

maltese in dog jacket lying on bed

Winter is rolling in, and it’s starting to get nippy. If you’re anything like us, that means warm fires and fuzzy blankets…plus dog jackets and cosy beds for them too. (If they need it, of course. Not all do – read more about the debate around pet clothes here, in a piece we wrote for … Read more

German Shepherd: Personality, History and Health

Read about the German Shepherd personality and more in this article.

The German Shepherd is a superhero dog. That’s because they’re big, strong, brave and most of all extremely loyal. These dogs are highly adaptable, intelligent and love to have a purpose in life. For this reason, they make great companion dogs for loving and attentive families. And because they learn and listen so well, they … Read more

Crate Training a Puppy: The Drawbacks

crate training a corgi puppy

While crate training a puppy has benefits, there can be drawbacks too. When done correctly, crate training can provide a safe space and help with obedience training. But it’s not the right choice for every dog or their owner. This is part two in a two-part exploration of crate training. Here, we examine the potential … Read more

Should You Crate Train a Puppy? The Benefits

if you crate train a puppy correctly, they will feel relaxed in their crate like this brown and white collie

If you’re wondering whether to crate train a puppy please know there’s no hard and fast rule. For some pups, it’s a good way to learn obedience. For others, it’s not a great fit. Crate training can give your puppy their own safe space, or it can make them feel restricted and stressed. It really … Read more

3 Items That Are Harmful to Pets You Might Not Suspect

This Himalayan Salt Lamp can be harmful to pets.

Many common household items are harmful to pets, but might pass under the radar because they seem so innocuous. We’ve all seen the Oreos ad and know that chocolate isn’t good for dogs (and cats too). But what about the other household dangers lurking… Anyone reading this who’s a parent – to a human or … Read more

Pet Doesn’t Like Your Partner? Here’s What To Do

if your pet doesnt like your partner he may ignore them like this dog sitting next to his owner

You love your pet, and you love your partner. So the two of them should love each other right? Unfortunately, it isn’t always that easy. If your pet doesn’t like your partner, it can make both relationships difficult. And while your pet might come around sooner or later, sometimes there can be a serious bonding … Read more

5 Cat Instagram Accounts to Follow

These cat Instagram accounts make an a-meow-zing addition to your feed!

Ready to fill your feed with the coolest felines on social media? We’ve compiled five a-meow-zing cat Instagram accounts from New Zealand and the world because they may just be the purrrfect additions to your A-lister friend list… If you’re not already following them of course. 😊 From Kiwi fur glams to global business entrepreneur … Read more

Purebred Dog Pros and Cons Explored

This is a purebred dog, a prized English bulldog.

Purebred dog breeds, from Maltese to Shih Tzu, have come a long way from their wolf ancestor. Selective breeding has yielded some of the finest dog breeds we love and know today. It allows us to produce unique looks, temperament, and physical traits in dog breeds. But the outcomes of selective breeding can have benefits and … Read more

Teething Puppy Survival Guide 101

This teething puppy is biting and chewing everything to try relieve the itch and scratch of growing teeth.

A teething puppy is like a hurricane – bit by bit it consumes the entire contents of your household. Each standalone item comes out the other end with tell-tale tooth marks. Of course, you feel sorry for fluffy teething puppy, who’s going through a sore gums phase. Very sorry. But you invariably also feel very … Read more