This World Wildlife Day We Explore Whether Animals Can Sense Earthquakes

little boys comforts dog who appears to sense an earthquake nervously

World Wildlife Day in the first week of March is not only an opportunity to celebrate and conserve our natural resources. It’s also an opportunity to explore the many natural disasters we as a nation have weathered. Our people, pets, endangered species and other wildlife have known cyclones, tsunamis, landslides, flooding and earthquakes. Which brings … Read more

Test Your Marine Wildlife Knowledge This Seaweek

New Zealand coastline

Did you know that Seaweek in New Zealand is almost upon us? Held this year from March 5 to 13, it’s all about raising awareness and promoting understanding of the marine environment and its importance to the country. As pet parents, we play a very important part in marine wildlife conservation. But do you really … Read more

Crunching 2022 Data for New Insights on Kiwi Pet Health

vet with a dog and cat

Companion animal ownership in New Zealand is higher than anywhere else in the world. We’re also home to innovative cat and dog health care research. Now, pet health insurance is also contributing through claims data, helping identify key health concerns. Cat abscesses for felines and dog skin allergies for canines were the most prevalent claims in … Read more

Why Are Dogs Afraid of Thunder (and How to Help)?

why are some dogs afraid of thunder and others, like these, not?

How do you calm a dog down during a thunderstorm? And why are some dogs scared of thunder and others not? Some kids and adults don’t particularly like the electric boom surging from the sky either yet others find it mesmerizing. Could it be dogs are just the same as people and it’s simply a … Read more

New ‘Love Your Pet Day’ Research Reveals All

this grey cat and light brown dog are playing in autumn leaves, enjoying playtime for a dog and cat on Love Your Pet Day 2023

New Zealand pets can rejoice this Love Your Pet Day 2023, on 20 February. Our latest pet ownership research reveals more than one quarter of partnered-up pet parents (26%) prefer their fur kid’s company over their partner’s company. That’s more than one in every four cat or dog owners. Only 21% said they didn’t love … Read more

Why Are Grass Seeds a Big Problem for Pets?

Veterinarian Removing A Grass Seed. Grass seed infection in dogs and cats can cause problems

There’s nothing more wonderful for your pup or cat than running in the open, whether through meadows and fields or just your backyard, getting in all that fresh air and green grass. Grass seems pretty benign, right? But did you know that grass seed infection in dogs and cats is possible? And that it can … Read more

Maine Coon Cat Personality and Facts

Like this one, Maine Coon cats are generally strong and healthy.

Do you have your heart set on getting a cat and a dog… but you only have space, money or time for one? Fear not – we have just the thing. A Maine Coon kitten is the ultimate solution because he (or she) is big and loves playing games (like a dog) but is a … Read more

The Oh-So-Bright Border Collie: A Profile

A Border Collie lays down among buttercups in the grass.

Border Collies are smart. Like, really smart. In fact, the Border Collie is ranked the most intelligent dog in the world. A quick Google search will show that heaps of experts agree. Known for their fun nature and intelligence, these medium-sized dogs are the third most popular dog breed in New Zealand. So, it’s safe … Read more

10 Random Acts of Kindness for Pet Lovers

little girl pats a puppy as a random act of kindness

Random Acts of Kindness Day isn’t just for people – it’s for pets too! From small to great, there are endless ways pet lovers can help companion animals have an even better day than usual on this special day. If you’re someone’s favourite furball, imagine how great a random act of kindness would make you … Read more

Spotlight on Claims Data for National Cat Health Month

cat gets vaccinated for common cat illnesses

According to Wikipedia, New Zealand is estimated to be home to over 1.4 million domestic cats. This makes National Cat Health Month a powerful time to educate many pet owners on common cat illnesses and injuries. Here we will do this by using pet insurance claims data. Pet insurance claims data helps to retroactively shed … Read more

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