Your Ultimate Dog Adoption Checklist

A major part of the dog adoption checklist is understanding that you’ll need to invest in your dog’s health (both mental and physical) and their training and education over their lifetime.

Do you have a puppy-shaped hole in your life? Inviting a dog or brand-new puppy to be part of your family is exciting, but it can also be challenging. Hence the need for this pawsome dog adoption checklist (and its fur sister, an article covering what you need for bringing home an adopted dog). Dogs … Read more

Ready to Adopt a Cat, You Think? Read This First

Adopt a cat tips can make life easier.

Want to adopt or buy a cat to be your clever, cheeky, subtle or shy fur friend? Turns out you’re not the only one bringing a new cat home (you’re in good company). Whether you’re going the cat adoption route or buying from an ethical breeder, research shows these furry feline friends have already taken over … Read more

How Long is Too Long to Leave Your Cat Home Alone?

A Tabby cat left all alone at home.

Cats are famously independent, and many people believe their cats can, to some extent, fend for themselves. Leaving your indoor cat, and even your outdoor cat, home alone for an extended period isn’t something frowned upon whereas it is for dogs. While the latter situation has been studied extensively, there is much less research on … Read more

How to Choose the Best Pet Dental Insurance

Vet dentist checks dog for periodontal disease

How do you go about choosing the best pet dental insurance plans? As a cat or dog parent this is a great question to ask yourself – gum (periodontal) disease, fractures, abscesses, cavities and dental disease in dogs and cats are common. Just like they are in humans. On top of this, we all know … Read more

7 Pet Gadgets to Keep Pets Safe, Entertained and Scoop Poop

A pet owner talks to their pet via a pet webcam gadget

Pet tech in NZ is booming with lots of new gadgets on the market. From smart cat and dog collars that double as GPS pet trackers to litterboxes that clean themselves. (Yep, you heard that right!). Being a pet owner has never been more entertaining. Let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want a litterbox that magically … Read more

Yes or No – Should My Dog Be on a Lead in Public Spaces?

A woman walking a dog on a leash through Auckland on a Saturday morning.

Should your dog be on a lead in public spaces? It’s a simple question and it’s covered by the Dog Control Act, but not every dog owner knows the answer. That’s why PD Insurance and the Department of Conservation are running the Lead the Way programme to help improve general dog leash knowledge. And to … Read more

Munchkin Mania: Do You Know the Sausage Cat?

A Munchkin cat lies atop a couch armrest

The Munchkin cat is to cats what the Dachshund is to dogs. While Dachshunds are sausage dogs, the Munchkin is the sausage cat. It’s an average sized cat with shorter than average legs. This short legged cat is a newish breed – it’s only been around since the 1940s – and only recognised by (some) cat … Read more

How Do You Find a Good Vet? We Asked a Top Vet!

Picture of female vet examining a dog in clinic

When it comes to our furry companions, finding the right vet is akin to finding a trusted family doctor. Whether you share your life with a cuddly canine or a purring feline, a therapy animal that brings you comfort, or an assistance animal that’s there to lend a helping paw, you want the best care … Read more

5 Pet Hazards to Look Out for Around Water

pet safety at the beach

One reason we love summer so much is it welcomes hours of fun relaxing in the sun with our pet dogs or cats. Its R&R nature means being vigilant about pet safety at the beach, lake, river and creek may not be top of mind. However, there are a range of hazards around these waterways … Read more

The 5 Best Auckland Walks for Your Pup this Festive Season

a small white dog standing on top of a grass covered field

Ah, Auckland – the city of sails, stunning landscapes and, of course, a paradise for dog lovers! With its diverse terrain, it offers a plethora of options for you and your furry friend to embark on memorable adventures. These dog friendly walks in Auckland are sure to get your pup’s tail wagging this festive season. From … Read more