National Purebred Dog Day in NZ – Our Purebred Dog Heroes

purebred beagle puppies with paws on ledge

1st May, aka May Day or International Workers’ Day, is celebrated around the world. In some countries, it’s even a public holiday though not here in New Zealand, sadly. But did you know 1st May is also National Purebred Dog Day? If ever there was a reason for a national holiday, we reckon this is … Read more

How to Achieve Pet Safety on NZ Roads

dog in middle of road in new zealand

In 2018, over 4,000 people were hospitalised due to road traffic injuries in New Zealand. And across the pond in Australia, over 10 million animals are hit by cars on an annual basis. Improved knowledge and practice of both human and pet road safety brings fewer collisions, injuries, and fatalities for people and pets alike. … Read more

What is a Pet Behaviourist? We Ask an Expert

pet behaviourist helps adopted dogs unlearn previous behaviours

If your pet is your child (or best friend), you’ll know what it means to visit the vet. But what about taking them to a cat or dog behaviourist? Just a quick Google search reveals a host of pet behaviourists in Auckland and elsewhere in New Zealand. But when and why do you call on … Read more

What is Third Party Liability in Pet Insurance?

dog snarling at another dog - a bite could be covered by third party insurance

You probably know pet insurance can help protect you financially if your pet gets sick or has an accident. But what if your pup gets overexcited at a dog park and bites another dog, leading to an infection and hefty bills? Or your cat ruins the expensive rug at Grandma’s during a holiday visit? That’s … Read more

4 Cat Easter Costume Ideas

cat in Easter costume

Cats are stealing the runway this Easter with some furtastic outfits. That’s because cat Easter costumes are the ultimate way to add a capital “C” to Cyoooot! And since Easter is all about festive fun with your family (which we know pets are to you), why not do it with flair. Whether your holiday itinerary … Read more

Easter Costumes For Dogs – Cuteness Overload!

With Easter right around the corner, why not celebrate it in style this year by choosing your furball one of these Easter costumes for dogs? Dressing up is a fun way to bring excitement and joy to the holiday season, plus it makes for a super cute photo shoot that won’t soon be forgotten. If … Read more

7 Tips for a Happy National Pet Day

this cat and dog celebrate a happy National Pet Day!

Happy National Pet Day! It’s that one extra special day of the year to celebrate your furry friend. Of course, it’s no secret that every day is pet day for pet parents… But, there’s nothing wrong with today being even more special. Especially, when it comes to our cats and dogs! However this isn’t only … Read more

Dog Friendly Camping: Top Tips for a Great Getaway

This pup is enjoying dog friendly camping

If you thought camping is only for humans, think again! Dog friendly camping in NZ is in and we’ve everything you need to make sure you’re prepared.  There’s not much that beats a night sky filled with stars next to a campfire, and your furkid will surely agree. While not everything we enjoy about camping … Read more

Can Cats Eat Chocolate Easter Eggs + Other Easter Treats?

cat and dog vomiting

If you’ve been wishing for a little downtime to spruce up your home, try out some new recipes or get into a good book, Easter is the perfect time. Easter brings not just chocolate but public holidays, hooray! It’s the ideal time for a staycation with pets and chocolate – but hang on… Can cats … Read more

Toyger Cat Wears Its Stripes on Its Sleeve (and All Over!)

A Toyger cat looks lovingly at its owner

If you’re an Aladdin fan or the kids in your life are, you might envy Jasmine having her own tiger. Not to worry – tigers come in miniature for us real-life humans, kinda! The Toyger cat breed has been created over many years to look like a toy tiger but act like a pussycat. What … Read more