Dog Birthday Cake Recipes, Woof!

A dog birthday cake with candles

Yes, there is such a thing as a dog birthday cake and we have some tail wagging recipes. You can spoil your pooch on their next milestone with many a delectable confection. From a moreish peanut butter cake to meat and veggie concoctions, we’ve recipes to delight a sweet or savoury canine palette. The best … Read more

Are All Ginger Cats Male? Almost, Here’s Why

Are all ginger cats male? No, but this one is.

Are all ginger cats male? We’ve decided to unpack this popular myth and get down to some fun chromosome data, seeing as it’s Ginger Cat Appreciation Day on 1st September. What better time to dispel this widespread misconception than now? In this article, we’ll also debunk another misconception about tabby cats being a cat breed. … Read more

Pampered Pets and How To Spoil Them

pampered persian pet cat sleeping outside

With much of the country (and world) spending more time holed up at home, we’re enjoying increased time with our furry companions. It’s natural these newly pampered pets are getting treated to all kinds of spoils, loving that ‘the humans’ are mostly WFH and spending less time away from them. And that’s part of what … Read more

Retired Greyhounds Adoption in NZ

One of many retired Grehounds adoption NZ dogs with his owner

Did you know New Zealand is one of only seven countries in the world that still allows greyhound racing? As you can imagine, this means there are several retired greyhounds adoption NZ programs. All of them are full of friendly ex-racers needing to be rehomed – perhaps your next pet is there, waiting for your … Read more

Dog and Cat Art ‘n Craft Ideas

a puppy paints his own cat art canvas.

Dog and cat art can be a great way to show your furry BFF some love while spending time with your children or even as a bonding opportunity with your pet! Getting hands (and paws) dirty in this way is especially useful to pass the time in the ever-changing throes of lockdown, and beyond. You … Read more

Dachshund: Sausage Dog with a Heart of a Lion

The Dachshund is small and easy to carry.

The Dachshund is sometimes affectionately called a sausage dog. But don’t be fooled – the tasty snack is named after the dog and not the other way around. The infamous hotdog was first called a Dachshund sausage, but that was too long. So this cute canine is the inspiration behind a global food phenomenon! The … Read more

Famous Cats Who Shaped Society

ginger cat licking paw like garfield, one of the worlds most famous cats

Cats pretty much rule the internet. But they ruled our hearts for decades before that. So in honour of our regal feline friends, we’re looking into some of the most famous cats in history. If you’re more of a dog person, don’t run away quite yet.  We wrote about famous dogs earlier too – now it’s just … Read more

Every Schnauzer Has His Story – Here’s Harvey’s

A cute miniature Schnauzer named Harvey

They say every dog has its day. For Miniature Schnauzer Harvey, a relatively new PD Insurance member, this was indeed the case. Not only did this dog have his day – he had three! And Harvey’s only a few months old. However, before his three good days of luck (read: well-insured quality vet care), he … Read more