Holiday Reading List for Animal Lovers

Person wearing a hat reading a book from their holiday reading list beside a resting dog on the grass.

Is there anything better than relaxing by the pool or in the garden with a good book over the summer? A holiday reading list that includes books with dogs and animals in them is just as essential as your hat, sunnies, and summer spirit. If you’re looking to add a few books to your suitcase … Read more

Top Tips for Pet Safety in Summer

this border collie with frisbee practices pet safety in summer

Pet safety in summer is a priority if you’re taking your beloved dog or cat on holiday this summer. Heat stroke, ingesting poisonous animals and getting lost are only three of the many dangers you want to avoid while having plenty of fun in the sun. Here we round up our top tips on what … Read more

Separation Anxiety in Pets: How to Help Them

this brown setter dog lying its head on grass is suffering from separation anxiety in pets

Our recent periods of social isolation thanks to COVID meant more quality time at home with our furry or feathery friends. Now things have changed, it’s no wonder separation anxiety in pets is a rising concern in New Zealand. In fact, shelters around the country (and globally) saw pet adoptions increase as people looked for … Read more

Best Dog Movies Around? We Round Them Up

the best dog movies are being watched on TV by these two dogs

Best dog movies to watch? You know what’s better than curling up with your dog? Curling up with your dog to watch a movie about dogs! There’s just something about films about our four-legged friends that gets us all warm and fuzzy inside. Dog movies are always so wholesome – the type of cinema that … Read more

How PD Insurance Makes Pet Claims Easy

pet owner celebrates how pet claims are easy with PD Insurance

More and more pet owners are opting to get pet insurance and for good reason – why wouldn’t you want to protect your pet and purse strings? But a quick search of ‘pet claims’ on Google shows that pet parents are concerned making a claim won’t be easy. With PD Insurance that’s not the case, … Read more

Dry Cat Food vs Wet: Which One?

white and grey cat eating dry cat food from bowl

Decisions, decisions. Dry cat food, wet cat food, a mixture? Cat parents who are deciding what to feed their feline friends have likely pondered this dilemma. After all, dry food is cheaper…but wet food might go a little further in buying your cat’s affection. And yes – there are health benefits and drawbacks to think … Read more

How to Stop My Puppy from Crying

find out how to stop a puppy crying through a reliable schedule

They say dogs are a human’s best friend, but they’re our children too. If you have a new puppy, you’ll know this firsthand. Especially when you’re wondering ‘how to stop my puppy crying?’ in the middle of the night when you badly want to get some shut-eye… Ironically, this period of the night when you … Read more

Saint Bernard Personality and Origins

A Saint Bernard gets a hug from his loving pet owner

The Saint Bernard is a big dog with a big heart. He’s loved by all and he has enough love for everyone, from kids and adults to other pets. In short, he’s a model dog (as long as you don’t mind a bit of slobber). He’s a best friend, a people rescuer and a huggable … Read more

Accidental Ingestion Happens All Too Often: Find Out Why

man pulling things out of labrador's mouth because dog is choking

Dogs aren’t as picky as humans when it comes to what they’ll eat. Dog choking episodes, poisoning events, and allergic reactions can be caused by any number of things inside and outside our homes. Unfortunately, there are a lot of dangers lurking around our everyday world for our furry friends. And we don’t just mean … Read more

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