9 Mother’s Day Presents for Pet Lovers in New Zealand

A woman is wrapping a present with her corgi dog alongside her to give to her mother as a Mother's Day present.

If you’re looking for Mother’s Day presents for dog and cat lovers then you’re in the right place. As any pet parent knows, your pets are your kids too. That’s exactly why gifts for pet lovers – and mums in particular – rule the heart. Did we mention they can also be furbulously stylish? If … Read more

Blue Eyes and White Gloves: The Birman Cat

A person holding a fluffy blue-eyed Birman cat.

With a fascinating history, striking appearance and endearing personality – the Birman cat is a purrfect addition to any family. Known for their blue eyes and white paws, they’re a friendly breed with a relaxed temperament. If you’ve got a Birman cat or are looking to get one, here’s what you need to know about … Read more

My Dog Tore Their ACL, Now What?

X-ray images of a human arm showing a torn acl in a dog, also known as a torn cranial cruciate ligament

In 2023, the third highest claim PD Insurance paid out across all claim types was for a limb injury. This is an umbrella term that includes fractures, sprains and strains, dislocations, cuts and laceration and torn ligaments. Among those is tearing their cranial cruciate ligament, also known as a torn ACL in dogs or cats. … Read more

Meet Papillon, the Toy Spaniel with a Big Heart

A smiling toy spaniel with fluffy ears and a reddish-white coat.

The Papillon dog may be small but it’s perfectly perky, with a big pawsonality. Unlike many lapdogs that love to lounge this toy spaniel is an energetic go-getter, without being too much of a busy body. In this article, we unpack how much exercise this pooch needs daily, where it gets its name from, whether … Read more

PD Insurance Highlights from the 2024 CANZ Conference

Audience members smiling and paying attention at the CANZ conference event.

“Companion Animals in a Changing World.” This was the theme for the 2024 Companion Animals NZ (CANZ) Conference, proudly sponsored by PD Insurance. The biennial CANZ Conference saw animal experts from around the country and the world gather to look at issues affecting companion animals in today’s changing world. In this article, PD Insurance shares … Read more

What Human Foods Can Dogs Eat?

A dog lying on a porch next to an empty bowl, perhaps dreaming of bananas.

“Can dogs eat… bananas, strawberries, apples, blueberries, tomato (the list goes on)…?” Finding out what human food is good for dogs is one of the top pet-related internet searches in New Zealand, along with “what can dogs not eat?” In New Zealand alone, Kiwis punch the “can dogs eat [insert human food]?” question into our … Read more

Blue Heeler / Australian Cattle Dog Price, Pawsonality and More

An Australian Cattle Dog sitting in the woods with autumn leaves in the background.

Aside from being a true blue classic, the Blue Heeler Australian cattle dog has two of everything. It has two names (Blue Heeler and Australian Cattle Dog) and it has two sets of doggie DNA, which we’ll get into below along with so much more. If you’re considering a Blue Heeler puppy as the newest … Read more

Toothy Troubles: Dog Breeds With Dental Problems

Auto Draft is a tiny breed of dog known for being energetic and having a bold personality. These dogs are commonly referred to as Chihuahuas due to their distinct appearance. Despite their small

Ever noticed your furry friend giving you a grin that’s, well, a little less than pearly white? If you’re nodding along, you’re definitely not alone. Doggie dental problems are common among all pups, but certain dog breeds are more likely to have dog teeth problems than others. From the tiny, adorable Chihuahua to the lovably … Read more