Are Burmilla Cats as Hypoallergenic as They Are Rare?

pet parent strokes Burmilla cat

For many of us reading this article, the 90s was the benchmark of coolness. The same is true for the Burmilla cat… You’re wondering how this could possibly apply to a cat, right? It’s simple. Burmillas are kind of new-ish. Like many of us, they originated in 1981, which is not so long ago… Anyway, … Read more

All Hail New Zealand’s Top Dog: The Huntaway

The Huntaway, also known as the New Zealand Heading Dog, is our country’s only indigenous dog breed. As its name suggests this intelligent, black and tan working dog was bred for helping farmers herd sheep. A useful occupation, considering we have the densest population of sheep in the world. But Huntaways don’t just make good … Read more

Help! Another Cat Bit My Cat (Meee-ow)!

cat fight leads to a cat bite

Cat fights are just the worst (the ones between the furrier kind, of course). A cat fight can easily lead to a cat bite, which can quickly get infected then turn into an abscess. And with the commotion of all the paws, claws and flying fur, any wounds may go unnoticed altogether. Even days after… … Read more

5 Purrrfect Pet Friendly NZ Airbnbs

staying at a pet friendly holiday guesthouse

Since COVID changed the world, local travel has sky-rocketed and global travel has taken a bit of a backseat. This has some great perks, including that travelling with pets in your own jurisdiction is less of a challenge. For us Kiwis this means making the most of pet friendly Airbnb accommodation and other stay-cays across … Read more

Cat and Dog Allergies: Why It Happens and How to Deal!

child with allergies blowing nose into a tissue

It’s the ultimate catch 22: all you want is cuddles with your cat or dog, but your nose and eyes say no. If you suffer from cat allergies or dog allergies, you might even have had to forego getting a pet for the time being. But for your sake (ok, and the sake of all … Read more

How to Celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival With Your Pet

The Mid-Autumn Festival is almost upon us, and as with all holidays, we want to show you how you can celebrate it with your pets! Also known as the Moon Festival, this is a time for family, reunions, and giving thanks – all the things Fido and Felix can be a part of. Before we … Read more

How to Manage a Happy Big Pet Family

Vanessa's big pet family all get along

Managing a big pet family is no small feat. When you have lots of pets together under one roof you need some serious pet parenting skills. Today we’re sharing a first-hand account and helpful tips from a parent whose pack has comprised of several dogs, cats and a rabbit! Experienced multi-pet mum Vanessa Townsend-Paley is … Read more

PD Pet Insurance Earns 2022 Canstar Most Satisfied Customers Award for Pet Insurance

PD Pet wins Canstar title of best pet insurance in NZ

PD Insurance would like to give a round of paws to everyone who voted us winner of Canstar’s 2022 Most Satisfied Customers – Pet Insurance Award. Being rated best pet insurance provider in NZ by Kiwi pet insurance customers and is a title we’ll honour by continuing to offer fast, accessible and quality pet insurance. There’s … Read more

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