Risks and Benefits of CBD and Hemp Oil for Dogs

owner gives a drop of hemp oil in dog food for the skin health benefits

CBD and hemp oil benefits for dogs seems to be a growing topic among pet parents. We humans love sharing things with our dogs, but just because humans use these products does that mean they’re safe for dogs? Another question that pops up is the link between CBD, hemp and marijuana (medical or otherwise). How … Read more

Pet Ownership Research Reveals Changing NZ Trends

woman celebrates National Love Your Pet Day with her dog

To celebrate National Love Your Pet Day, PD surveyed over 1,800 pet owners to gain insights into their love for pets and more. Our pet ownership research explored several key topics, from average vet bills for a cat or dog to rising pet adoption rates. In addition to spend, many of our key findings looked at … Read more

Pet Dental Insurance: What’s Covered?

pet dental insurance

When you ponder pet insurance you usually think about getting cover for treating medical emergencies like serious accidents and illnesses, yes? But what about pet dental insurance? It’s something we hear is very much appreciated by vets and customers alike. So how does pet insurance that covers dental work, exactly? Firstly, different insurance providers manage … Read more

WSAVA Spotlights Short Nosed Breeds Crisis

an brachycephalic dog lies down because of shortness of breath

Only recently we endured social distancing and lockdowns. These safety measures were designed to keep us safe from a new virus that causes significant respiratory issues, COVID-19. Sadly however, some companion animals don’t have this luxury of protection. Brachycephalic dogs bred for extreme conformity may simply struggle to breathe whether or not they’re sick. The … Read more

Pet Nutrition 101: Feeding Your New Puppy Right

little girl plays with puppy while it eats its food. Changing your dog or cat's food should be done gradually

Are you opening your heart and home to a cuddly new canine? If so, you might be wondering what makes the best diet for puppies. If, for example, you feed your adult pooch Purina dog food could it double as puppy food too? Also, what is AAFCO and FEDIAF dog food and where does it … Read more

How to Find a Lost Pet in 7 Simple Steps

Lost pets are found through an action plan

If you’re reading this because your fur kid is missing, we’re really sorry you’re experiencing the heartache of lost pets. As pet parents ourselves, we know how stressful a lost dog or cat can be. No wonder you’re researching how to find your lost pet – and quickly, no doubt. Or, you might be reading … Read more

Piper Gets a Soft Landing After Rat Bait Scare

Border Terrier recovers after eating rat bait

Many Kiwi dogs have enjoyed free insurance cover since February 2023 thanks to PD and Dogs NZ announcing our partnership. To celebrate its first month, Dogs NZ members were offered one extra free month of pet insurance if they signed up with PD, on top of the one or more months of free insurance cover … Read more

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