Golden Retriever: Breed Profile, Health, and History

Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever. Where to start? Between their endearing nature, great work ethic and soft and luscious fur, they’ve a lot going for them. These pups are great companions; soft and gentle cuddlers who will easily get along with the whole family. How could you not hold them in high regard! We’ll dive into the … Read more

Cushing’s Disease In Dogs: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Being a pet parent is a beautiful blessing, and being the best pet parent means looking out for our furbabies’ quality of life. Your furball can’t say “Mumma, I think I’ve got Cushing’s disease”. So it’s important to understand what symptoms mean trouble – because a dog is likely looking at a much shorter life … Read more

3 Reasons for Adopting an Adult Cat on Love Your Pet Day!

someone is adopting this older cat

Is it a coincidence Love Your Pet Day comes back-to-back with Valentine’s Day? Nu-uh, we think not. February is all about the lurrrve. From hairballs to furry cuddles! But let’s spare a thought for the amazing cats and dogs behind bars in pet shelters. This Feb we’re all about adopting an adult cat or dog; … Read more

Hypoallergenic Cats: Be My Valentine

owner holds siberian cat - top on the hypoallergenic cats list

What could be a better Valentine’s Day gift than a snuggle with your glorious feline friend, right? Not necessarily. For those who suffer from cat allergies, having a cat rub his or her forehead across one’s leg can be unnerving (and itchy and sneezy). Unless of course hypoallergenic cats exist? Do they? Strictly speaking, all … Read more

Top Dog Friendly Beaches for Kiwi Canines

woman takes her dog to dog friendly beach in NZ

Dog friendly beaches in New Zealand offer the best of both worlds… Picturesque settings that welcome both people and their pets. However, not every beach accommodates canines, so before you don your sunscreen and hat and Rover hops in the backseat, be sure to know which ones do. Kiwi beaches are known for their immaculate … Read more