Dog Teeth Cleaning and Dental Hygiene

dog teeth need regular cleaning like this collie's teeth which look healthy close up

We humans learn from an early age that brushing our teeth twice a day is non-negotiable. But when it comes to dog teeth cleaning, many pet parents are clueless. In fact, we’d guess many (most?) dog owners never brush their dog’s teeth. If you’re guilty of neglecting the doggy toothbrush, you’re not alone. But dogs … Read more

How Do Cat Microchips Work? We Explain

Cat microchips only take a few seconds to implant.

Cat microchips are fast becoming the new normal, catching up with their dog microchip cousin. However, while microchipping is mandatory for all dogs in New Zealand, in a lot of our regions microchips aren’t a legal must-have for cats. That said, you’ll probably find almost every cat and his neighbour has, or will soon have, … Read more

How Long Do Cats Live? Find Out Here!

This pet parent is researching how long do cats live?

How long do cats live? It’s a significant question for many Kiwis when planning to become a first time pet owner. For instance, a puss with a five-year lifespan requires vastly different spending to one likely to live for 20 years. Knowing your furry friend’s potential lifespan provides a great insight into your financial planning needs … Read more

Dog Vision: Can Dogs See Colour? We Answer

Dog vision has evolved out of biological needs.

Dog vision is a topic that at once begs the question ‘can dogs see colour’? It’s a perplexing one, because although our dog’s right here, he or she can’t let the cat out of the bag. So, to speak. And despite that wagging tail and the high-tech world around us, a dog translator device has … Read more

Want a Bring Your Dog to Work Day? It’s on 25 June!

These colleagues celebrate Bring Your Dog to Work Day, 25 June.

It’s international Take Your Dog to Work Day on 25th June! Hooray for perky pooches visiting the workplace across New Zealand. The daily toil is never more fun than when you can bring your dog to work, right… And our furry friends couldn’t agree more, because their favourite thing is staying close to their human. … Read more

Maltese Dog Personality, History and Facts

Maltese are devoted and loving dogs.

The Maltese dog may be on the small side, but it sure packs a punch when it comes to a big heart. Extremely devoted and loving, these perky pups love to be at your side every minute of the day, or better still on your lap. Maltese may look like characters straight out of a … Read more

My Dog Bit Me – What Should I Do About It?

my dog bit me like this rottweiler biting a hand then corrective actions are needed

If you’re faced with the question “my dog bit me, what should I do about it” then you probably already know that you need to take action, fast. Luckily, a dog who bit you very rarely is a lost cause. There are a lot of reasons that dogs bite, and in many cases, it can … Read more

Dog Microchip: What You Need to Know in NZ

The Dalmatian is a purebred dog breed.

Not so long ago, the idea of microchipping pets still seemed like sci-fi and gave some pet parents the shivers. The dog microchip these days is not only normal but for Kiwi dogs it’s also mandatory (and in some regions, for cats too). Since our dogs can’t explain what it feels like to be microchipped, … Read more