Pet Love Helps Us Navigate COVID

pet love like this is what's getting us through COVID

There’s nothing better than turning to someone for a warm hug when you’re feeling down, right? Well, that’s what we’ve been doing with our pets to help us get through the COVID-19 pandemic. Taking on board all the pet love we can. Research PD Insurance completed recently of 1,000+ New Zealand pet owners revealed that … Read more

How to Buy a Puppy Safely in New Zealand

buy a puppy safely like these by doing your research

Yes, there are plenty of puppy scams happening throughout New Zealand. However, you can buy a puppy safely from a wide range of reputable and legitimate breeders. Many of these breeders use online platforms to connect with customers far and wide. Here’s how to check they are who they say they are. Keep a level … Read more

12 Signs of Animal Abuse

animal abuse is something this dog suffers from

Thousands of instances of animal neglect and abuse are reported across New Zealand every single year. Sad but true. Want to do your bit to help out? First, read this to discover how you identify animal abuse. And then read up on how to report animal abuse appropriately. It can be difficult for us pet … Read more

How to Keep Pets Safe During a Pest Treatment

this man knows how to Keep pets safe during pest treatment

Unfortunately, your pet isn’t the only animal around your home. There are not so welcome ones too – cockroaches, ants, spiders… sometimes even rats, mice and possums. Most people will at some point bring in a pest controller to encourage these little beasts to say goodbye and find another home (to put it nicely). When … Read more

Things That Can Poison Your Pet – Toxic Foods and Plants

things that can poison your pet include common foods

Things that can poison your pet often aren’t lurking in a dark corner, instead they’re right there in the fruit bowl or in your garden! And while most dog and cat parents want their pet to be as healthy as possible, take note, some foods and plants that are good and safe for people are … Read more