Why Do Dogs Chase Cats? We Explain


We know that cats and dogs like to chase different things. The situation becomes sticky when they live together, or cross paths as neighbours, and dog goes after kitty. We’ve a wealth of info on why dogs chase cats, what prey drive is and how to train a dog not to chase cats. Meow, let’s … Read more

Poodles: Pawsome, Prized, Perfect

Poodle dog standing against white background

Today, we’re diving into the fascinating world of Poodles and Poodle cross breeds. These four-legged wonders aren’t just renowned for their elegant looks and distinctive haircuts, but also for their exceptional intelligence and versatility – right from the Poodle puppy stage. It’s for these reasons and more they’re becoming increasingly popular pets. It’s also why … Read more

How Do I Know My Cat’s Leg is Broken?

cat wearing an Elizabethan collar and Cat leg splint sleeping on the floor.

Has your fave feline been in an accident and you’re now wondering how to tell if your cat’s leg is broken? Swelling, limping and showing pain or discomfort are all symptoms of a break, but it could be that your cat has sprained their leg or torn a ligament instead. Understanding what’s what will help … Read more

Tips For Taking Your Dog to Work

Is this French Bulldog one of the best dog breeds to take to the office?

Ditching the “No Pets Allowed” sign and welcoming a happy, relaxed dog 🐶 into the office can benefit everyone, boosting morale and reducing stress levels. In this article, you’ll find tips for taking your dog to work, know-how for persuading your boss, steps to pet proof your workspace, and the answer to the most frequently asked … Read more

Want a Bring Your Dog to Work Day? Bring on 23 June!

These colleagues celebrate Bring Your Dog to Work Day, 25 June.

This year international Bring Your Dog to Work Day is held on 23rd June! Hooray for perky pooches visiting the workplace across New Zealand. The daily toil always feels better when your pup is there. And our furry friends couldn’t agree more about the need for an office dog policy, because their favourite thing is … Read more

Ways You Can Volunteer as a Wildlife Wise Warrior

A jumping dolphin. Here are the best wildlife conservation volunteer opportunities

The month of June is filled with commemoration days dedicated to saving our beautiful planet. There’s World Ocean Day on 8 June, World Sand Dune Day on 25 June, and National Volunteer Week 18-24 June. This makes it the perfect month to be a “Wildlife Warrior” and find out the best wildlife conservation volunteer opportunities … Read more

Top Tips for Bringing Home an Adopted Dog

Bringing home an adopted dog requires a little extra attention, but it's not as hard as it seems.

Bringing home an adopted dog is an exciting experience, isn’t it? The fact that you clicked on this article tells us that you know how important it is to be prepared. 😃 Or you might just be curious about which dogs are the best to adopt in NZ if you aren’t sure where to even … Read more

Dogs Dive into Sea Life at Kelly Tarlton’s Aquarium on World Oceans Day

Sea Week Conference for World Ocean Day and marine conservation

World Oceans Day has just passed us by (8 June) and guess what? Dogs and sea life can totally hang out together in harmony! To encourage the community learning about this and ocean conservation in general, the Department of Conservation (DOC) and PD Insurance joined forces with SEA LIFE Kelly Tarlton’s aquarium. The Wednesday 7 … Read more

Is Pet Insurance Worth it for Your Indoor Cat – Yay or Nay?

There are heaps of benefits to owning an indoor cat. Like longer lifespans, less opportunity for accidents and less hunting endangered wildlife. But does that mean they’re healthier? And if so, is pet insurance worth it for an indoor cat? Since Hug Your Cat Day is just around the corner we thought we’d show your … Read more

Dogs New Zealand Moving Ahead in Leaps and Bounds

A Dogs NZ registered dog competes in agility sports

COVID put a slump on many organisations’ operations. Not for Dogs NZ, our national kennel club. It instead took the chance to overhaul its dog registration process from paper to online and automated. Although club activities like dog shows and training were stalled during lockdown, registered NZ dog breeders could now complete new puppy paperwork … Read more

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