6 Steps to Pet Photography Purr-fection this Easter

Pet photography works well in an outdoor setting like this.

Happy Easter! Let’s celebrate with hot-cross buns, friends, family, and pets. The only thing as fun as making happy memories in the first place is looking back at them in picture-purr-fect snapshots down the line. And of course, nothing’s cuter than our very own pawsome pets. So, without further ado, here are six pet photography … Read more

Is Chocolate Toxic to Dogs and Cats? Yes, Keep Easter Eggs Away!

This cat wants to know why is chocolate toxic to dogs and cats - but she's satisfied with a toy bunny!

While Easter breaks all the culinary rules and means we can eat chocolate for breakfast, there are some considerations. Besides extra teeth brushing, there’s the question of why is chocolate toxic to dogs and cats? And, just how toxic can it be? More on this below. Firstly, while you’re hiding Easter eggs around the house … Read more

Road Tripping with Your Pet: A Guide

pet travel cat in a safe crate in a car back seat for travelling on the road

Driving holidays, whether short or long ones, are the best. We’re big fans of pets here in New Zealand, so it makes sense that we’d be big fans of pet travel too. Holidays are just better with your best friend in the passenger seat. And by that, we mean your dog, cat, or other furry … Read more

Is My Dog Scared? Here’s How To Tell

scared looking dog black and brown with ears pinned back

Is my dog scared even though I think he’s happy? Other than those obviously-overjoyed moments of all-out-love jumping and extreme tail wagging, how do you actually know? Perhaps dogs communicate through some secret canine Morse code, with special signals… If so, what are they, and how do you intercept and decipher them, Alan Turing-style?   In … Read more

Why do cats purr?

this happy tabby is wondering why do cats purr

There’s little more satisfying than a cat sitting on your lap, contently purring away like a tractor. But if you’ve ever found yourself wondering why cats purr, you’re not alone. We’ve asked the “why do cats purr?” question too. Especially after finding out cats mostly meow just to talk to humans. Mind blown. So why … Read more