5 Different Cat Breeds and Their Personalities

different cat breeds have different personalities

Have you ever thought about how many cat breeds there are? The answer varies depending on the cat group you prefer, such as the Calico cat or Persian cat. According to The International Cat Association (TICA) there are 71 different cat breeds. While the Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA) drops this number by nearly half, saying … Read more

6 Questions with Dog Almighty Contestants: Rachel and Maisy

Dog Almighty 1

If you’re a fan of Dog Almighty, the series which airs on TVNZ on Demand you might know Maisy the three-legged dog. The show looks for New Zealand’s most talented dog, and Maisy is a serious contester. Maisy is three parts Jack Russell, one-part Fox Terrier, an agility circuit pro and is 100% driven. She … Read more

Taking Pet Pictures: 5 Tips for Purr-fect Christmas Pics

taking pet pictures of a dog like this is easy

The lighting is perfect. The wind is just right. The Santa hat is balanced beautifully. The camera is ready and your finger is itching to snap the shutter. Taking pet pictures is SO EASY! All the elements have come together perfectly to create a beautiful portrait of your best friend. Hang on, the model is … Read more

The Best Christmas Gift For Your Pet is Pet Insurance

A Christmas gift for your pet is pet insurance

With Christmas closing in quickly, it’s now or never when it comes to gifts. Not just for the two-legged family, but for your pet as well. To save you from presenting Garfield with a single, empty cardboard box, why not give the gift of pet insurance? What better way to show your pet some love … Read more

Pet Proofing Your Home for a Happy Household

pet proofing your home will stop your cat getting up on the table

Like all good mums and dads know, baby-proofing your home is step #1 on the road to good parenting. And pet parenting is no different. Pet proofing your home is not just for your pet. It’s for your peace of mind. No one wants woof or meow eating strange and un-diet-y foods or objects that … Read more

Kennels vs Pet Sitters: How to Find the Right Holiday Pet Care

this woman thinks kennels vs pet sitters is an easy question to answer

With the festive season fast approaching, pet parents everywhere are wondering about the best boarding care for their dog or cat. Dog kennels vs pet sitters, cattery vs a neighbour visiting, small and intimate vs large and social? Or perhaps even a luxury pet hotel. As much as we’d like to take them evvvverywhere with … Read more

What to Do If You Find an Injured Animal

knowing what to do if you find an injured animal is easier with this guide

If you’ve come across an injured animal, you’ll probably want to do everything you can to help it. If you’re an animal lover, your desire to help is there whether it’s a wild bird or someone’s obviously tame cat that’s in distress. What to do if you find an injured animal? This article is here … Read more

How to Keep Your Dog Safe at the Beach

knowing how to keep your dog safe at the beach is easy with these tips

Festive season and beaches go hand in hand – and it’s normally a family affair. That includes the pets, as far as we’re concerned. Or some of them, anyway. Most pooches adore a trip to the beach to swim, play frisbee, and sunbathe with their humans. And we love having them there too! To keep … Read more

How Pet Health Affects Vet Mental Health

vet mental health is important for best pet health results

As pet parents, we want to do our best by our furry kids. To be the responsible pet parents that we aspire to be (like Supermum, but for four legged ones!) it’s important that we can make medical care decisions as easy as possible for ourselves, our pet and their health partner – their vet. … Read more

Is Pet Insurance Worth It? We Explore…

Is pet insurance worth it is a question many pet owners ask

“Is pet insurance worth it?” is a question PD Insurance is asked all the time. Why? Because pet insurance isn’t too common amongst New Zealanders. You probably have insurance for your car, home, and maybe even your life – but what about your pets? Despite New Zealand being a confirmed nation of animal lovers, Kiwis’ … Read more

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