Can Cats Eat…Raw Chicken, Eggs, Chocolate? And More!

white and grey cat eats raw fish from human hand

Ever seen your cat hopefully lurking near your dinner table and wondered “can cats eat this?” It’s a regular occurrence in the home of pet parents, whether you’re looking to give kitty a snack so they take their medicine or whether those big eyes begging for a treat are just too much for you to … Read more

10 New Dog Breeds to Celebrate Take Your Dog To Work Day

In recognition of Take Your Dog To Work Day on 24 June, we’re sharing 10 new dog breeds you wish you could bring to the office. This year the internationally celebrated day falls on our inaugural Matariki Day public holiday, so perhaps take your dog to work on the Monday instead. Or why not extend … Read more

How to Celebrate Matariki with Pets

PD Insurance members gaze up at the Matariki star cluster

Matariki New Year is the perfect time of year for a bit of stargazing. And who better to accompany you under the night sky than your loved ones, which of course includes your curious cat or daring dog. (Or both). 1 January is a popular date around the world for celebrating New Year. But it’s … Read more

What is the Yulin Dog Meat Festival and Should It Be Banned?

dogs are sold for the Yulin Dog Meat Festival

Warning: This article on the Yulin Dog Meat Festival contains information and images of a sensitive nature that may be upsetting to some readers. You may have heard about the Yulin Lychee and Dog Meat Festival held in China every year. As implied by the name, dogs are seen as livestock to be eaten. You … Read more

What Do Cats Like to Eat for Breakfast?

ginger cat eating breakfast from white bowl on wooden floor

In books and movies, cats always drink milk for breakfast. But cats are actually lactose intolerant, so this shouldn’t be standard! In that case…what do cats like to eat for breakfast? Wet food? Dry food? Fish? Chicken? If you’re wanting to give your cat the best breakfast possible, we have some ideas for both daily … Read more

Which Colours Can Cats Really See?

colours cats can see

We wanted to know what colours cats can see, if any, because we heard the long-standing myth that they only see black and white was hogwash. Do they see the world in the same way as us, or in their own unique feline way? And surely there are other interesting facts about their eyes – … Read more

Hereditary and Congenital Conditions in Dogs: What’s the Difference?

puppy plays after having a hereditary and congenital conditions health screening for dogs

Hereditary and congenital conditions in dogs are just about as common as they are in humans. Interestingly and perhaps not surprisingly, certain breeds can be more prone to specific hereditary and/or congenital conditions. Knowing which of these conditions is more likely to affect your pooch can help you plan their roadmap to prolonged health. You’ll … Read more

Why You Should Always Ask Before Petting Someone’s Dog

person approaches to pet a dog but shouldn't because the dog is nervous

If Shakespeare was alive today he’d probably be an avid internet user (and therefore lover of dog memes). No doubt he’d have written something along the lines of “to pet a dog or not to, that is the question?” And that’s a valuable question to be asking. Because seriously, you should ALWAYS ask before you … Read more

Help a Shelter Cat for Hug Your Cat Day

woman giving a hug to grey cat on bed

Hug Your Cat Day, which falls on June 4th, isn’t a public holiday in New Zealand….yet. But we think it should be. And did you know June is also Adopt a Cat Month? Which means we just had to talk about hugging cats and shelter cats all at once. Like the felines themselves, the Hug … Read more