Prowling Pets: How to Keep Cats and Dogs from Wandering

British Shorthair Cat goes on a night hunt. here's how to stop your cat from wandering

With two important holidays coming up, World Migratory Bird Day on 13 May and International Day for Biological Diversity on 22 May, it’s as good a time as any to consider how our pets affect New Zealand’s wildlife. Wandering dogs can cause a great deal of harm to birds and other animals, as can cats … Read more

High, Mid and Low Energy Dogs – Which Woof is Your Match?

a tiny but high energy Jack Russell Terrier dog holds a red ball in his mouth

Nothing could be better than getting a new best friend. Well, one thing could actually. Getting a best mate who will match your lifestyle needs furever! Choosing between a high, mid and low energy dog breed could be the key to this lasting friendship. Choosing a dog with the right level of energy is good … Read more

How Do I Fix My Dog’s Broken Dew Claw?

a dog with healthy trimmed nails puts its paws on its owners hands

If you’re wondering how to heal a dog’s broken nail that’s one thing. If, however, the nail in question is further up their foot then your dog has a broken dew claw, which is a bit more serious. A dew claw injury exposes a bundle of nerves and is extremely painful for your pup. What … Read more

What to Do if You Hit an Animal While Driving in NZ

What do you do if you hit an animal while driving? Even though it’s scary to consider it a possibility, you should always be prepared for such a situation. Think about it…what would you really do if you accidentally hit a stray or injured animal on NZ roads? If you’re unsure and slightly overwhelmed by … Read more

Where Do Pallas Cats Live and Can You Keep Them as Pets?

Pallas cat where it lives in the wild climbing a tree

Where do Pallas cats live – these strangely alluring monkey-faced cats? More importantly, can you have a Pallas cat as a pet? Before we launch into the answers let’s find out a bit about this mysterious ultra-furry feline. Firstly, you might be reading this wondering what the Pallas cat is. Or you may have heard about … Read more

5 Small Dog Breeds for Apartment Living

A small white pomeranian puppy, perfect for small apartments and lovers of small dog breeds, sitting on a bed.

Small dog breeds can be the best canine companions for living in an apartment, townhouse or tiny house. They say greatness comes in small packages and tiny dogs are living proof. Little dogs pack way above their weight in character and they’re generally good listeners (we just made that one up, but it’s true!). They … Read more

Meet These Famous Dogs of Instagram and Create Your Own with Our Tips!

Dog owner takes picture of white dog with sunglasses for Instagram.

Getting tired of holiday selfies, pictures of your friends’ breakfast, or people attempting the next dance craze? Check out these famous dogs of Instagram from NZ plus some international fur babies’ Instagram accounts to brighten up your feed! Because you’re reading this blog post, you might also be interested in how to make an Instagram … Read more

Cat and Dog Eye Infections: Symptoms, Remedies and More

Dog and cat eye infections are fairly common.

We can usually tell when our pets are not feeling well by looking at their eyes, which are beautifully expressive. It’s even more obvious when the physical condition of the eye is noticeably different. As cat and dog eye infections are fairly common, us pawrents should do everything we can to prevent them. Why? While … Read more

Get to Know the Bernese Mountain Dog

A bernese mountain dog

The majestic Bernese Mountain Dog is a friendly and large dog breed known for its calm and gentle nature, as well as a striking tri-coloured coat. This is a great family dog with a loyal and gentle nature; just be prepared to deal with their thick double coat that sheds year round. Bernese Mountain dog … Read more

Top Dog Movies to Watch this Easter

Poodle watching a dog movie

Aah … there’s nothing like a good dog movie to kick back to, especially when you’re on holidays. Emotive, wholesome, and usually family friendly – it’s no wonder they’re so popular. In fact, dog films like The Secret Life of Pets, Marley & Me, and 101 Dalmatians are some of the highest grossing movies of … Read more