FIV: What is Feline Immunodeficiency Virus?


We need to safeguard our favourite furry friends from Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) because, like the human equivalent HIV, it’s a serious condition and there’s no cure. Some infected cats can still live a relatively happy life but, like all health ailments, it’s best to avoid it altogether. Did you know us Kiwis own 4.6 million … Read more

Christmas Cooking … For Your Pet!

ethical Christmas gifts for pets come in all shapes and forms

We all want to spoil our pets at Christmas. After all, it’s the season for giving. Have you been pondering what cat or dog Christmas dinner recipes you could cook as you dream about the festive feast that lays in store? Dogs and cats can’t eat everything that we do (turkey bones hazards! chocolate dangers!), … Read more

How to Safeguard Against Arthritis in Dogs and Cats

dog gut health

Arthritis in dogs and cats is a common issue among pets once they reach middle age. As it does with humans, the condition can cause pain, discomfort and left untreated may also lead to other conditions. Arthritis can negatively affect pets’ lives, but early detection can make an enormous difference. Find out below what signs … Read more

Why do Siamese Kittens Change Colour?

Siamese kittens change colour to loo like their parents

Did you know Siamese kittens are born all cream or white? In fact Siamese kittens only develop their distinct colouration when their body temperature drops below 33 °C. That’s right, Siamese kittens change according to their temperature! Siamese cats are famed for many things. For example they’re social butterflies and chatterboxes, and of course have … Read more

Pet Insurance for Cats and Dogs: Why Kiwis Want It

Kiwis want the best pet insurance for pets

Pet insurance for cats and dogs is all about being a responsible pet owner. There’s no doubt about it pets are our companions, our kids and our cheerleaders; they’re always there to lend a supportive paw through thick and thin. In fact, pet love helps us navigate COVID. This bond that we share is just … Read more