New Cat Allergy Vaccine Stops Itches and Sneezes at Source

A woman plays with her cat with no adverse effects after it's been administered the HypoCat cat allergy vaccine

Do you suffer from cat allergies? Or perhaps you’re allergic to some cats but not others? Then you may be in luck… HypoCat is a new cat vaccine causing a bit of a stir. Unlike cat allergy shots that help desensitise humans, this vaccine will work at the source of the allergen (Fel d 1) and … Read more

In Conversation with Dogs NZ Canine Health and Welfare Officer, Rhea Hurley

Rhea Hurley bikejoring with her dogs

Dog breeds without health problems is an increasingly popular topic of conversation because there’s so much talk about breeds that do have them. Notably, it’s poor breeding practices such as a lack of dog health screening rather than the breeds themselves that are at issue. Aware of this, Dogs NZ appointed veterinarian and accredited behaviour … Read more

Marvellous NZ Pups Helping People with Mental Health + Detecting Rare Diseases

Portrait of happy brown labrador dog looking lovingly at owner.

We all know about assistance and guide dogs and the wonderful work they do for the blind and those living with physical disability. But did you know that specially trained disability assist dogs can help people with mental health issues and can detect the symptoms of rare and life threatening diseases? We spoke to the … Read more

Positive Reinforcement for Dogs: Examples and Training Tips

A woman uses reward dog training to teach and bond with her dog

What if you never had to punish your dog for bad behaviour again? Instead you got to heap praise on them – sounds good right? Positive reinforcement dog training (reward training dogs) is just that. Happily, research shows positive reinforcement has a range of benefits, including much lower stress levels for your dog than other … Read more

How to Change Your Pet’s Food Without Upsetting Their Tummy

A dog eating. Changing your dog or cat's food should be done gradually

Your pet’s diet is key to their overall health. What happens when you need to switch up what they’re eating? Changing your dog’s or cat’s food suddenly can upset their stomachs and cause other issues. So whether you’re switching to a new brand, formula, or type of food, it’s important to do it gradually. In … Read more

Managing Pet Costs While Giving the Best Care

A morkie in a pile of money notes. The cost of owning a dog or cat can pile up

The cost of owning a dog or cat can add up, to say the least. Apart from their food, toys and grooming, there’s the biggie of vet bills. Many pet parents don’t expect pet healthcare to cost as much as it does, so are often unprepared for the financial spend required when their fur kid … Read more

Puppy Training 101: Essential Tips to Teach Them Right

It's time for this Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy to learn some basic puppy training commands like sit and stay. We can also teach this dog urinating inside not to

A new puppy is a bundle of joy and love… and pee and poo. If you’re pondering how to begin puppy training, then look no further. Here’s how to crate train, leash train, teach basic cues and potty train your pooch using the best (healthy) puppy training treats ever. Basic cues for puppy training At … Read more

PD Turns Three, Celebrates 12 Insurance Milestones in a Year

A PD dog celebrates PD's third birthday with a dog friendly cup cake

August 2023 marked PD Insurance turning three years old! In the grand scheme of things, three years may not be a very long time. However, we’ve managed to reach many special milestones in that period. In this PD Insurance birthday article, we’re remembering the insurance milestones we’ve shared with pets and people. (After all, that’s … Read more

Can Dogs Get Depressed? Here’s the Truth About Dog Depression

dog ​​with very sad smart eyes. depression in dogs is a real illness

The world is becoming more and more aware of the importance of focusing on our mental health. Talking about issues like depression and anxiety are less taboo, and people are more open to treatment. Win! But have you ever thought about whether your dog has mental health issues or, on a broader scale, depression in … Read more

Easy and Yummy Dog Food Recipes

Have you heard of dognuts? This black dog has!

Fido just wants a tasty meal when he’s had a ruff day (being cute and digging holes in the backyard is tiring). We’ve created a list of heart-healthy, wholesome dog food recipes you’ll be able to whip up in no time. Besides including easy raw dog food recipes, you’ll find ‘sweet’ recipes for a yum … Read more