Indoor Cat vs Outdoor Cat Explored

This cat is desexed so she can enjoy being an outdoor cat with fewer risks.

Having an indoor cat has its perks. For starters, you’ll have fewer cat fights on your hands and less debris traipsed inside. In addition, your efficient hunter won’t be out catching native (and possibly endangered) critters. However, if you adopt an older cat who’s used to being outdoors they might stick their nose up at … Read more

HUHA Ethical Gift Store: The What, Why, and How

dog in gift packet

The HUHA Ethical Gift Store is both an online and physical shop which allows pet parents to shop for their furkids, friends and family without any worries about whether they’re buying responsibly.  A brainchild of HUHA NZ founder Carolyn Press-McKenzie, the online store reflects her deep commitment to sustainable and vegan living. Something that’s gaining … Read more

Love Your Pet Day: Pet Parents Have Their Say

We love our fur kids as much as this puppy and kitten love each other!

Love Your Pet Day is only one day a year!? Surely that’s not enough for us Kiwi pet parents? We need 365 days at the bare minimum. And some. And to prove that’s how Kiwi’s feel about our pets, PD has dug a little deeper and done some research. To celebrate the international ‘Love Your Pet … Read more

Pet Technology For The Modern Pet Parent

dog using laptop zoom call technology

Good, old-fashioned face-to-fur fun with your pet will never be beaten. But the evolution of everything digital has given rise to pet technology, presenting unique opportunities for improved pet parenting. A variety of everyday products and apps allow us to live more convenient (and connected!) lives, and why should it stop there? Luckily, it doesn’t … Read more

Love Your Pet Day: 10 Ways They Wished You Did

As dedicated pet parents, love your pet day is not just once a year, it’s every day.

Love your pet day is not just once a year, it’s every day. Nevertheless, who can resist a little bit of added festivity with the official Love Your Pet Day this 20 Feb! To celebrate, we’ve done our homework on the top 10 ways your pet wishes you loved them. We couldn’t find a pet … Read more

First Time Pet Owner: Preparing Mentally

Being a first-time pet owner is like being a new parent – or rather it is being a new parent.

Is becoming a first time pet owner occupying all kinds of awesome daydreams at the moment? Is your work ending up on the backburner while you Google puppies and/or kittens instead? Does imagining being a pet parent make the coffee taste even better? If you’re getting ready to take the leap, you’ll want to be … Read more

Introducing Your Kitten and Cat for the First Time

Only introduce your cats in person once you’ve followed the smell & sight steps.

Kitten and cat first time introductions are crucial to get right. In other words, they form the bedrock of a feline love story (friendship or romance) or of a lifelong rivalry. And for a cat lifelong is anything from 10-15 years. That’s a potential 15 years with two cute felines turned rival gangsters living under one … Read more