Sleeping with Your Dog in Your Bed – Why You Should

Sleeping with Your Dog in Your Bed - Why You Should

Have you noticed how all the Disney princesses have a pet that sleeps in their bed? The message is clear. Keep your furry BFF at your side when you sleep as an emblem of your safety and wellbeing. As it happens, sleeping with your dog in your bed can have mental and physical health benefits. … Read more

Desexing Your Dog: Yay or Nay?

Neuter and Spay: Desexing Your Dog Explained

Desexing your dog is a big decision. In fact, it can be one of the biggest decisions in a pet parent’s life. For example, you may have concerns about potential mental and physical health drawbacks neutering/spaying could have for your pup. February is Spay and Neuter Awareness Month but at PD Insurance we like to … Read more

5 Things New Kitten Parents Need to Know

PD insurance: consider adopting from HUHA

New kitten parents are the envy of most people. Firstly, they have a new baby. Secondly, the baby is fluffy with cuteness measuring off the radar. Thirdly, the baby can walk, talk (albeit cat) and eat all on its own. However, there’s still the issue of the new kitten pooping inside (on the floor, on … Read more

Senior Pet Parents – Contingency Plans for Your Pet

Senior Pet Parents – Contingency Plans for Your Pet

If you (or mum or dad) are senior pet parents, maybe you’ve begun to think about your/their pet’s future. Who will take care of the cat if you/they pass away? What about if you/they have to go into a nursing home or similar? To a lesser extent – what will happen to pooch or puss … Read more

Pros and Cons of Raw Food for Puppies

yorkie puppy on grass ponders pros and cons of raw food

There’s been a lot of buzz around raw food diets for dogs and puppies lately. Some people are totally for it, and others totally against. There are both pros and cons of raw food for puppies, and individual circumstances play a big role in making the correct choice. Ignoring your neighbour’s disapproving glances at your … Read more

Avoiding Puppy Mills in New Zealand and Finding a Reputable Breeder

puppies in puppy mill behind cage

It might come as a surprise to dog lovers that puppy mills in New Zealand are a growing problem. Laws in New Zealand allow almost anyone to breed and sell animals with very few restrictions. As you can imagine, this means that inhumane breeding is difficult to control and condemn. Responsible pet parents should be … Read more

Friendliest Cat Breeds to Welcome Home

Friendliest cat breeds to welcome to your household

Are you hoping to welcome one of the friendliest cat breeds (like the Scottish Fold?) into your heart and home? Then look no further; Google has sent you to the right place. That’s because we’ve listed the friendliest felines around and given you a rundown of their personality. We’ve also listed the friendliest cat breeds that … Read more

Toilet Training Your Puppy – Tips To Help Get It Right

feature image puppy on grass for toilet training your puppy

Toilet training a puppy is one of the not-so-fun parts of getting a new canine family member. But if you’re diligent and know what you’re doing, you can avoid most of the accidents. Getting the toilet training for your puppy down pat quickly will set you and your dog up well for life and you … Read more

7 Steps to Being the Purrfect Pet Parent

7 Steps to Being the Purrfect Pet Parent in 2021

Being a pet parent is no walk in the park, yet it’s also deeply rewarding. Pet mum Rachel (who featured with her dog Maisy on NZTV contest, Dog Almighty) shares her thoughts on the topic in this article. She says “They’re just so amazing as really good companions. They’re never going to leave you or … Read more

Can’t Keep a Pet You Got for Christmas? Take These Steps

If you can't keep a pet like this hound take it to a shelter

Getting a pet you can take care of for life requires considerable planning and finding that special connection. If you’ve received a pet for Christmas (or adopted at another time), becoming a pet parent overnight may have sent you into shock. Are you realising you can’t keep a pet? Perhaps you asked for a pet … Read more

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