Why Do Terriers Shake? We Explain

Yorkshire terrier. the hostess walks her pet in the park on a summer day.

Cold, excited … or something else? Why do terriers shake? Jack Russell or Fox Terrier, Yorkie or Staffie – terriers are adorable and energetic canine companions known for their lively and spirited personalities. But if you’re a terrier parent, you may have noticed your furry friend shaking from time to time. While it can be … Read more

Spoodle: The Social Butterfly of Dogs

Have you heard of the Spoodle, also known as the Cockapoo? We’re talking about the new-ish dog breed. Not to be confused with the new-ish kitchen utensil of the same name that’s half spoon, half ladle. Dog breeders are always trying to combine the perfect parts of dog breed personalities to make the perfect pup … Read more

Feline Leprosy?! Here’s Herc’s Story

A cat's paw with a bump. He could have cat leprosy, also known as feline leprosy

Ever heard of feline leprosy (cat leprosy)? Well, it exists! NZ pet parent Courtney shared with us the story of her one year old cat Herc, a lovable goofball who was diagnosed with the rare disease this year. Wondering how you’d even spot cat leprosy symptoms? What about what feline leprosy treatment is? We answer … Read more

How to Keep Your Pet Warm When it’s Cold

In winter, this puppy snuggles under blankets to keep warm.

Whether or not they show it, pets are sensitive to colder weather. We know you want yours to stay healthy and cosy, so we’ve put together some tips on how to keep your pet warm during these chillier months. We also answer questions like do pets get sick in winter and how to exercise your … Read more

Small but Spunky! All About the Chihuahua

This Chihuahua dog belongs to one of the most iconic dog breeds in the world.

If you’ve ever met a Chihuahua dog, you know they can be full of personality! From their big, bright eyes ✨ and mischievous grins, to their abundance of energy and love of cuddles, it’s hard not to be charmed by these lovable little pups. Are you curious about long-haired Chihuahuas or teacup ones? You’ve come … Read more

How to Make Your Own Pet First Aid Kit

Jack Russell Terrier getting bandage from a dog first aid kit after injury on his leg

Picture this: your playful pup, Max, is out exploring the park with you. Suddenly, he steps on something sharp and goes “ouch!” (or more like “RAWF!”) Having a pet first aid kit is like having a pet-saver package, with all the essential stuff you need to fix those tiny troubles. Even better if you’ve done … Read more

Top 10 Low Maintenance Pets for Apartments

There are some great pets out there like this rabbit that is perfect for New Zealand apartment living!

Looking for some of the lowest maintenance pets for apartments because your home is small but your animal-loving heart is big? If you’re living in a small space like an apartment it can be a challenge to find the perfect pet to fit your lifestyle. Not to worry though… There are some great pets out … Read more

Inspiring Assistance Dogs You’ll Want to Know

An image of a dog paw and human hand connecting. This may be an autism support dog or ptsd support dog

This week is International Assistance Dog Week – a time to celebrate some of the amazing pups that make people’s lives better in very important ways. We connected with the Kotuku Foundation Assistance Animals Aotearoa (KFAAA) and found out about two very special Kiwi pups, assistance dog Delta and autism support dog Leaf. Delta helps … Read more

NZ Shelters Speak Out About Abandoned Pets on the Rise

Portrait of a stray dog in a shelter

The cost of living has increased drastically in New Zealand (and globally) over the past few months. As our expenses rise, many of us face difficult decisions on what we can and can’t afford. Pet parents are struggling to provide food, pay for vet bills and give other necessities to their dogs or cats. So, … Read more

7 Pet Parenting Mistakes to Avoid

Pet parenting mistakes are easily avoided.

Ever had a moment of clarity where you realised your behaviour towards your pup or kitty has set them back? Welcome to pet parenting mistakes. Don’t worry, we’ve all made them. In this blog, we cover pet parenting mistakes and how to avoid them. We also share useful tips that include cat and dog training … Read more

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