Cushing’s Disease in Dogs: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

A greyhound dog with Cushing's disease laying on a couch.

Cushing’s disease is a debilitating syndrome in dogs that has a few different names. It’s also known as hyperadrenocorticism and Cushing’s syndrome. Whatever the title, this chronic health condition can easily go unnoticed, despite being life threatening in some cases. Being a pet parent is a beautiful blessing and being the best pet parent means … Read more

Your Need-to-Knows About Dog Microchipping in NZ

A French bulldog with a microchip, and a leash sitting on a polished floor, with people's legs in the background.

Not so long ago, the idea of microchipping pets still seemed like sci-fi and gave some pet parents the shivers. The dog microchip these days is not only normal but for NZ dogs it’s also mandatory (and in some regions, for cats too). The microchip register in NZ is a win-win situation for everyone. Since … Read more

Does Your Dog Have Gastroenteritis or Something Else?

A veterinarian checking a dog's gums to see how dehydrated they are from vomiting as a result of gastroenteritis

Gastroenteritis in dogs was the third most common PD Insurance claim in 2023. It was also the sixth most claimed health condition for cats. If your dog is suddenly vomiting and/or experiencing diarrhoea it could be gastro; so too if the symptoms are long term and persistent. Because we know it’s difficult to know what’s … Read more

Easter Travel with Pets: Flying, Driving and Staycations

A woman travelling with her dog for the Easter holidays takes a stop off for her dog to play a bit on a grassy patch

Travelling with your dog or cat over the Easter holidays? You’re in luck. New Zealand is perfect for taking a plane or road trip with your cat or dog. Pet friendly accommodation options are plentiful too. In this article, PD Insurance outlines several tips for travelling with your dog or cat. We look at how … Read more

Yes or No to Pet Insurance During a Shallow Recession?

a cat looks at pennies that its owner counts during the New Zealand recession

The New Zealand Herald says there’s “no recession”, The Wall Street Journal describes it by saying our “economy contracted” and The Financial Review says, “New Zealand’s recession is a warning for the rest of world.” Whichever way you look at it, it’s a good time to consider buying cover rather than making plans to cancel … Read more

How to Spoil Your Pet with a Bountiful Easter Basket

A dog and cat lying on a rug next to colorful easter eggs.

Easter is hopping around the corner, and it’s the perfect time to show some extra love to our furry friends! While you’re prepping the family festivities and those colourful Easter eggs, why not create a special cat or dog Easter basket? That’s right, we’re talking about curating the ultimate Easter basket that’s bound to get … Read more

Romeo the Retriever’s Run-In with a Grass Seed

Romeo the Retriever laying on the grass.

Did you know that grass seeds can cause very dangerous infections in pets? It’s a lesser-known outdoor hazard that pet parents should be aware of. These seeds don’t just get stuck in your pet’s coat, they can penetrate the skin and cause infection. Dogs + grass seeds don’t mix! This happened to Cambridge pup Romeo … Read more

Can Dogs and Cats Eat Chocolate Easter Eggs – Yes or No?

A dog lies on the floor after getting a bad tummy ache because chocolate is toxic to dogs and it has eaten some without its owner realising

Can dogs eat chocolate? If it’s not a good idea, how much chocolate is actually dangerous to dogs? And do Easter eggs count? These are major questions to answer if you’re hiding chocky goodness around the house. After all, you-know-who will be the first to sniff them out… The last thing you want is a … Read more

How to Find Your Perfect Pup this National Puppy Day!

A little boy chooses a puppy for National Puppy Day

National Puppy Day happens every year on 23 March. Technically, it’s inter-national puppy day… Still, as long as we’re celebrating tiny fluffy cute puppies, it kind-sorta doesn’t matter what we call it, right!? Puppy Day (for short) is a time to enjoy, play with, talk about and – maybe even – choose a puppy to … Read more

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