Tips for Travelling with Dogs, Cats and Horses

The key to stress-free car travel with this cute brown Hungarian Vizsla dog is planning and safety.

Taking your furry bestie on a road trip these holidays IS possible with good planning. This pet travel guide explores the possibilities of holidaying with pets, including discovering pet friendly accommodation. Our latest pet ownership research reveals 62% of our Kiwi pet owners make holidays a full family affair (fur kids included), with more than … Read more

The Importance of Playtime for Kiwi Dogs and Cats

cats learn how to navigate a climbing game

Playtime for dogs and cats isn’t just for fun. It’s about physical, social and mental development too. That’s right. Dog and cat games, played with their owner and on their own, help to mentally stimulate their cognitive functions while helping them stay fit. Playtime helps Kiwi puppies and kittens grow into well-balanced dogs and cats. … Read more

Pet Food Insights with Royal Canin and Purina

a cat eats dry pet food

Dog and cat food has come a long way in the last few decades. Scientific developments now make it possible to feed pets in support of highly individualised life stages. Among the pet food companies taking this approach are Purina and Royal Canin. Recently they talked to us at PD Insurance about how the industry … Read more

How Long Are Dogs Pregnant and What Does it Involve?

mum dog shows puppy affection

Puppies are one of the most uplifting things in the world – that’s why we celebrate National Puppy Day on 23 March each year! When you welcome one into your home it means more joy, more cuddles and plenty of zoomies. A lucky few of us are there to experience the very start of their … Read more

Meet PD Business Development Managers: Danielle, Jacqui and Juliette

PD Pet Insurance BDM, Jacqui with her dogs in the PD car

As the pet care industry progresses and becomes more digital, what binds us pet professionals together on the ground? Enter the PD Pet Insurance Business Development Managers (BDMs). The BDM is that person on the ground, connecting our company to yours. These dedicated business relationships experts will introduce you to pet insurance and our partner … Read more

What Do I Do If I See Someone Harming the Environment?

A man carries the scoop net he uses for catching whitebait. this may be against wildlife conservation laws

New Zealand has world-renowned scenery, boasting everything from rugged coastal cliffs to beautiful forests, rolling hills, alpine peaks and glaciers. We’re lucky enough to have unique and rare endemic species living here, and our ecology is rich and diverse. No wonder we have wildlife conservation laws to protect nature and animals from wildlife crime. Nevertheless, … Read more

How to Pet Proof Your Car Like a Pro

A happy pug dog enjoys a ride in a pet-proofed car.

Unless you’ve figured out how to pet proof your car, car rides with your furry buddy could get messy (and smelly). In the lead up to school holidays we’re sharing our best car pet protection tips so you can start spending more time with your pet, stress-free. You’ll learn about choosing suitable pet car seats, … Read more

Your Need-to-Knows on Leptospirosis in Dogs and Cats

An image of a positive Leptospirosis test. Leptospirosis in dogs and cats comes from contaminated soil or water.

If you’ve been following recent health-related news reports, you’ve likely seen talk of cases of leptospirosis – or “lepto” – particularly in Hawke’s Bay. What you may not know is that leptospirosis can infect not only humans, but dogs too (and cats, but this is less common). This piece looks at what leptospirosis is in … Read more

In Conversation with Dog Trainer and Canine Behaviour Consultant, Maria Alomajan

Maria Alojaman doing dog destressing

NZ based accredited dog trainer and certified dog behaviour consultant Maria Alomajan is the only trainer in the country applying Canine Emotional Detox training to her work. These qualifications were earned via the International Association of Animal Behaviour Consultants and Companion Animals NZ respectively. Recently she spoke to PD about why stress relief for dogs … Read more