How to Train a Cat to Walk on a Lead? We Explain

This pet parent is training a cat to walk on a lead.

Training a cat to walk on a lead can be a revolutionary way of spending time together in the great outdoors, especially if you’ve an indoor cat. However, walking your cat on a lead can be like feeding your kids veggies. They either like it or they don’t. And while you persevere until your kids eat … Read more

Famous Dogs That Saved Lives in New Zealand

One of the famous dogs of New Zealand who protects his owner.

Dogs save us from many things, like loneliness, boredom, and sometimes they even save our lives. In this article, we’re celebrating famous dogs who selflessly saved human lives and protected us in times of need. If you know of Kiwi canine heroes who deserve to have their stories shared, tell us about them on our … Read more

How To Look After Your Cat’s Teeth

Cat teeth aren’t anything you need to worry about, right? Or even think about? Sadly not. Just like human teeth, cat teeth go hand in hand with plaque. Which is why dental care for cats is (almost) as important as dental care for humans. If the thought of getting up close and personal with your … Read more

Do You Have a Pet Godparent? Should You?

Have you made plans for a pet godparent? In light of the devastation that the COVID pandemic has caused globally, more pet owners are becoming aware of an uncomfortable question which must be answered. That is, what becomes of your pet should you pass away? It’s hard to think about. But it’s also necessary. Responsible … Read more

How to Talk to Cats

young woman holding and talking to cat

Have you ever wondered how to talk to cats? If you’re not quite fluent in cat-language yet, we’re here to help. Here’s our guide to cat language, decoded for your reading pleasure. But we have to give a warning…. you and puss still might not always agree on some things, even once you do know … Read more

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder in Dogs

This pup is being treated for obsessive-compulsive disorder in dogs.

Obsessive-compulsive disorder in dogs isn’t seen the same way as it’s seen with humans. For starters, without a dog translator, we can’t be sure that dogs are thinking obsessive-compulsive thoughts. However, given they can exhibit obsessive-compulsive behaviours, it’s still cause for concern. Especially when it’s your woof who’s compulsively licking, scratching, or spinning and snapping … Read more

How to Find Ethical Dog Breeders

A woman has bought two puppies from ethical dog breeders

Ethical dog breeders are finding their competition stacking up as the pandemic lags on. Not because these ‘good eggs’ of the breeding industry are few and far between. New Zealand has plenty of caring, professional breeders. The real problem is that unethical dog breeders’ increasingly clever tactics make it harder to separate the wheat from … Read more

Are Essential Oils Harmful to Cats and Dogs?

Before you leave these lying around, ask yourself are essential oils harmful to cats and dogs?

Do you sometimes snooze with a few drops of Ylang Ylang oil on your pillow while sleeping with your cat or dog in your bed? If you haven’t ever asked yourself ‘are essential oils harmful to cats and dogs?’ then now’s the time to start. Your aromatherapy kit and diffusers might seem harmless. But they … Read more

How and Why Were Dogs Domesticated by Humans?

woman hugging dog domesticated brown labrador

The history of dogs is basically the history of human relationships. Dogs are our best buddies. So why were dogs domesticated in the first place? Although we’re glad it happened, we’ve got to wonder where the human-dog relationship began. Was it the time of hunter-gatherers when dogs first became friends to humans? Later, when agriculture … Read more

Chaining Your Dog – Is It Cruel Or Not?

dog chain tying black labrador outside in yard

You’ve probably seen the photos of neglected or abused dogs tied up to something within a bare yard with no shelter. We all know that using a dog chain in that way is not kind, safe, fair, or acceptable. But is the idea of chaining a dog cruel in and of itself? Here we look … Read more