What Happens During a Vet Check-up? We Asked an Actual Vet!

A woman is holding a cat during a vet check-up in an actual vet's office.

We all know it’s important to take our pets for frequent vet checkups. But what do they actually look at during a vet clinic consult? It may seem like a mission to go and it’s not always cheap, however, regular check-ups can catch health issues early – often when they’re easier (and cheaper!) to treat. … Read more

Love Your Pet Day: 10 Ways They Wish You Would

As dedicated pet parents, love your pet day is not just once a year, it’s every day.

Love Your Pet Day is not just once a year, it’s every day. Nevertheless, who can resist a little bit of added festivity with the official Love Your Pet Day this 20 Feb! To celebrate, we’ve done our homework on the top 10 ways your pet wishes you loved them. We couldn’t find a pet … Read more

10 Top Pet Insurance Claims for Dogs and Cats in 2023

A woman embracing her golden retriever, celebrating his recovery after vet treatment and a speedy pet insurance claims process with PD Insurance

The top 10 pet insurance claims for dogs and cats for 2023 are out. For the benefit of pet parents all over NZ, PD Insurance has analysed claims data to find out the most common pet health issues taking pets to vets. This gives great insights into what health checks to put in place for … Read more

Parvo Symptoms, Signs, Prevention, and Treatment

A golden retriever puppy is sitting in a cage, safe from the recent parvo outbreak.

Parvovirus is a deadly virus that can cause severe illness in young and unvaccinated dogs – or worse. We want to do our bit by outlining parvo symptoms, signs, and what you can do to treat and prevent it. Why now? Over the past couple of weeks, you’ve likely seen media and social reports of … Read more

Top Tips for Choosing the Best Pets for Kids of All Ages

One of the best pets for kids is a cat.

Your kids have been pestering you for a pet and up until now your answer has been, “We’ll think about it.” Finding the best pets for kids can be a daunting task. In this blog post, we provide info on some of the most family-friendly dogs and cat breeds to help you make the perfect … Read more

What’s Your Chinese New Year Zodiac Animal?

A collection of Chinese Zodiac animals traditionally celebrated during Chinese New Year.

Happy Chinese New Year 2024! Chinese New Year – also known as Lunar New Year and as the Spring Festival – essentially marks the tides of the new year and changing of the seasons. In 2024, it’s time to celebrate the next Chinese Zodiac animal: the Dragon. That’s right, this year is the Year of … Read more

The Big Hitters: Our 10 Most Popular Blog Posts in 2023

A dog reading a book on a bed.

Welcome to the Hall of Fame of our blog! At PD Insurance, we believe in educating pet parents on all aspects of their fur kid journey. As such, our blog section is jam-packed with informative articles. We cover everything from the genetics of ginger cats to brushing your pet’s teeth to protecting your dog from … Read more

Maple the Rottie Breaks a Bone

A woman in blue gloves is pointing at an x-ray of a dog with a broken leg.

Rottweilers are big, sturdy pups that look pretty invincible. But this doesn’t mean they’re not prone to the same accidents and injuries that befall other dogs. Maple, a one-year old Rottie pup, was having the time of her life on a farm when a simple slip caused her to break her leg. A dog with … Read more

PD and Dogs NZ Celebrate One Year of Linking Paws

Dog handlers at the Purina Pro Dog Nationals by the Dogs New Zealand kennel club

Next month we’re celebrating the first-year anniversary of the national Dogs New Zealand kennel club and PD Insurance partnership. It’s been an incredible period of sharing valuable pet health information, launching Dogs NZ Insurance by pd.co.nz, evolving the Dogs NZ Breeder Partner Programme with free starter cover, and much more. We all know the pet … Read more