National Cat Day: 29 October

blonde woman reading with her cat on national cat day

National Cat Day is almost upon us! Cat lovers, your time arrives on the 29th of October. It’s a good excuse to celebrate everything cat, from their cute little toe beans to their special happy purr. Whether this year you’re thinking of adopting a new furry friend, spoiling the cat-shaped love of your life with … Read more

Google 3D Animals Makes Choosing a Pet Easier

view of Pomeranian on Google 3D animals

Have you heard about Google 3D animals? It’s augmented reality (AR) that you can experience anywhere – even the comfort of your own home. You don’t need special 3D or AR goggles either. All you need is your smartphone. Imagine choosing your pet using Google 3D animals… You won’t have to imagine if a Labrador … Read more

Rottweiler: Gentle Giant and Guard Dog Supreme

blonde woman sitting with her Rottweiler face to face

The Rottweiler is probably one of the most recognisable dogs worldwide because they have quite the reputation. Though their sheer size can sometimes seem intimidating, these working dogs are incredibly loving and intelligent. However, they do need to be matched with the right pet parents for the happiness and safety of everyone. Read more about … Read more

National Pet Obesity Day in NZ

obese black and white cat on grass as head image for national pet obesity day

National Pet Obesity Day is on 13 October and here’s the thing: it’s not about celebrating obese pets. Instead, it’s about raising awareness around the risks involved with pet obesity. National Pet Obesity Day is a great excuse to take a good honest look at your pet’s weight and condition, then come up with a … Read more