Children Growing Up with Pets Experience Many Benefits

children growing up with pets is a beautiful thing

Most people have a pet at one point in their lives and have fond memories of time spent together. Children growing up with pets is wonderfully common, and is something that comes with a range of benefits to developing young minds. Plus, it is all too adorable to watch and record the beautiful bond they … Read more

Pets as Christmas Gifts – Think Before You Buy

spoil your dog

If you have an animal-mad child or partner, the idea of getting pets as Christmas gifts can seem like a wonderful gesture. After all, who wouldn’t be thrilled with the gift of an adorable puppy or new feline friend for Christmas? While a new furry, scaly, hairy or feathery family member can definitely make the … Read more

Ethical Christmas Gifts for Pets: Your Guide

ethical Christmas gifts for pets come in all shapes and forms

Pets are family, so we think they deserve a little gift under the Christmas tree too! These days, ethical considerations are high priority for a lot of consumers – and that doesn’t just extend to things like travel destinations and beauty products. We’ve created a guide to ethical Christmas gifts for pets so you can … Read more

Managing Separation Anxiety in Birds

separation anxiety in birds can be troubling for everyone

­Separation anxiety is a commonly used term for dogs, and cats to a lesser degree. However, it’s less understood in birds. Bird owners and animal lovers alike are often surprised to hear separation anxiety is a real issue for birds too. While they might not be barking and bothering neighbours (see ‘why do dogs bark‘) … Read more

Pet Safety and Fireworks this Holiday Season

pet safety and fireworks can help dogs like this be happy

Understanding pet safety and fireworks, then ensuring we get it right, is near the top of our to do list this festive season. While we hunker down to plan a holiday itinerary for Christmas and New Year’s Eve, let’s do the same around fireworks safety. Because fireworks equal loud bangs and sad/scared woofs and meows. … Read more

How To Report Animal Abuse Appropriately

how to report animal abuse is something to know to save animals

Witnessing animal abuse is never pleasant, no matter the animal. As a nation of animal-lovers, most Kiwis share HUHA’s philosophy that every animal deserves a safe, happy life. Animals can’t speak for themselves, which is why it’s so important people seek help for those in danger. This article explains how to report animal abuse if … Read more

Someone Stole My Pet – What Can I Do?

this is a stolen dog

Someone stole my dog or cat! These are words no pet parent ever wants to utter. And hopefully with the tips in this article, you’ll never need to. Interestingly, our research shows more than one in three Kiwi pet parents fears their pet will be stolen. According to our research, 46% of dog owners and … Read more

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