Pet Parenting Mistakes to Avoid

pet parenting mistakes are easily avoided

Ever had a moment of clarity where you realised your behaviour towards your pup or kitty has set them back? Welcome to pet parenting mistakes. Don’t worry, we’ve all made them. Not sure what we mean? Maybe your cat has trained you for their chosen mealtime by complaining at the crack of dawn, or you let your … Read more

Understanding Cat Behaviour – Quirky Much?

Understanding cat behaviour like sticking their paw through things

Is weird cat behaviour no stranger to your furry bestie? Don’t panic. As cat parents ourselves, we feel you. We’ve collected some info to help you with understanding cat behaviour, for just a few of the many weird and wonderful cat quirks. You might also want to explore another of our guides too – on … Read more

Why Do Dogs Bark (and How You Can Help)

why dogs bark is an interesting question with lots of answers

‘Why do dogs bark?’ is something every frustrated dog parent has asked themselves at some point. Especially if your dog goes on looong monologues that fill the passage or the street with dog vowels. Even more so if you’ve discovered an angry note in your letterbox about your dog’s not-so-neighbourly vocalisations. Reasons why dogs bark … Read more

Tips to Find Your Lost Pet on a Holiday Roadtrip

how to find your lost pet on a holiday road trip

Our pet parent research shows more than 25% of New Zealand’s pet owners are choosing to take their dogs, cats, birds, rodents and even fish (!!) on their road trip or away on holiday. Seriously. And our research shows this is increasing. Which means the chances of a lost pet while on holiday are increasing. … Read more

Best Pets for Apartments – Plenty of Choice

a cat is one of the best pets for apartments

There’s nothing like the joy of owning a pet. If you don’t have a lot of space, you needn’t miss out. From cute and cuddly to active or lazy, here’s our guide to the best pets for apartments. And if we haven’t nailed it for you in this article why not head over to part … Read more

Lowest Maintenance Pets for Apartments

a rat is one of the lowest maintenance pets for apartments

Looking for the best pets for apartments and a dog or cat is simply too high maintenance for your lifestyle? Have no fear – there are numerous other pets you could consider. Let’s look at some of the lowest maintenance pets for apartments. Green cheeked conures Small in size but big in personality, green cheeked … Read more

Best Pets for Kids of All Ages… And Go!

one of the best pets for kids is a pug dog

Your kids have been pestering you for a pet, and up until now your answer has been, “We’ll think about it.” Finding the best pets for kids can be a daunting task… After all, family life is hectic. And even if you did the due diligence you’re not sure you’ll have time or energy for … Read more