Why Do Dogs Bark (and How You Can Help)

why dogs bark is an interesting question with lots of answers

‘Why do dogs bark?’ is something every frustrated dog parent has asked themselves at some point. Especially if your dog goes on looong monologues that fill the passage or the street with dog vowels. Even more so if you’ve discovered an angry note in your letterbox about your dog’s not-so-neighbourly vocalisations. Reasons why dogs bark … Read more

Tips to Find Your Lost Pet on a Holiday Roadtrip

how to find your lost pet on a holiday road trip

Our pet parent research shows more than 25% of New Zealand’s pet owners are choosing to take their dogs, cats, birds, rodents and even fish (!!) on their road trip or away on holiday. Seriously. And our research shows this is increasing. Which means the chances of a lost pet while on holiday are increasing. … Read more